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Weathering tips: Updated

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  • Weathering tips: Updated

    Several forum members have asked how I created the rust effects on my Porter locomotive models:

    I've loaded the first installment on my website here:

    I will add more techniques as time allows...I hope you find this of interest, even if only to stimulate your own experimentation with your favorite techniques!

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    Verne, thanks for the weathering tip.

    May I ask you where you've got this cactus?


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      Thanks for posting the great information Verne ... I can smell the snakes in your junkpile!



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        I have been very interested in your Porters and rolling stock. You have made a good start to your tutorial on weathering. I look forward to more and will gladly try your methods out.

        Thanks for sharing ....
        Tom M.


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          Thanks for the information and how-to for the rusty, crusty weathering. Looking forward to more like this. Thanks.

          Louis L&R Western Railroad
          Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


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            Thank you all...much more to come, this is just the first round!

            Frederic, the cacti are from Pegasus Hobbies in the UK...injection molded plastic kits, no can look for them on eBay or they may have a web site.

            - Verne


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              Originally posted by Frederic Testard


              May I ask you where you've got this cactus?

              Frederic, I don't know about Verne's cactus plants, but Harold (hminky) has this how-to; hope it helps out.

              Louis L&R Western Railroad
              Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


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                Being a south westerner, your scenes really made me nostalgic...alas, summer cometh. The scenes are magnificent. The wooden cab is fantastic, and I really like the weathering and trackside details. First class.

                Happy trails,




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                  Great job Verne ! And thank for the weathering tips....we can never get enough of those !!



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                    Thanks for the links, Verne and Louis. I was able to locate a scottish store that sells pegasus cacti, and I bought a punch to try Harold's method. It cuts clover leaves, which gives me three hearts, that is six cactus ears per cut (in fact it will probably give less since the punch is not very powerful and I could laminate ears for more thickness).


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                      Thanks very much for your weathering information. Very nice indeed.
                      Chris Lyon



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                        Verne- thanks for the link and doing a tutorial; your stuff looks VERY realistic. I love this look; probably sign my name differently if Les hadn't already taken the phrase he uses!

                        I do quite a few diecast vehicles to sell at swapmeet and eBay; I've fallen in love with "Rustall". It also works well, especially on black/brown shades. Gives a variety of rust shades & fading, and if you don't like the outcome you can simply wipe it off with alcohol or even water. You do need that brand of sealer, though, a Dullcote spray tends to dilute the effect.

                        I really like your technique, though- I'll be experimenting; thanks !!


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                          Thanks for sharing som eof your secrets.

                          BTW: your website is very nice. It is great to see your trackplan is simple with lots of scenic opportunities.
                          Arnold Kimmons

                          General Manager

                          Royal and Edisto Railroad



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                            Verne: I am impressed with your weathering techniques. I book marked the site and am looking forward to the "next installment."
                            John Johnson

                            "I\'m right 98% of the time. Who cares about the other 3%."


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                              Here's the next installment, tips on creating a rusty boxcar:

                              Once the finishing touches are installed on this car, it will be hauling soapstone on Mark Chase's beautiful layout. See the clinic here: