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Bachman HO hi rail Pickup truck

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  • Bachman HO hi rail Pickup truck

    I just picke done up as the starting point for an On30 kitbash. However, I have a question for everyone who has one. When I place it on a powered track, it instantly starts to hum or buzz rather loudly. It is the only motive power I have that does this. Is it becasue my layout is DCC powered and the truck is not?

    Is this common to this model? Or is there just something wrong with mine.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    All non DCC trains will hum or buz when on DCC track until the you select the address the controller uses for DC only engines and the motor has enough power to move.

    Do not leave the DC units on the DCC track for extended periods of time when they are not in use or it will destroy the motors (Ask me how I know this one!).