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    This is my latest start in scratch building, I have an area approximately 4 x9 inches to work in, and wanted to create an interesting older well kept building in a near the tracks area.

    It is a commercial building with offices up top and entertainment industry in the first floor, and a one story side annex will house another small office.

    For the main structure, I want an older post-Victorian style building. Two stories with a third floor formed out of dormers and supporting center tower for a widows walk.

    A front porch and side wrap around to back stair walkway to the second story business.

    The roof will be gable with shingles, with a widows walk centered over a small full third story.

    The smaller side annex will be a single story, with metal roofing sloping over most of the annex building, with cedar shingle roof front pitched about 75-80 degrees.

    Here is how I am approaching this build.

    I bought a selection of doors and windows for this build comparing them at my LHS trying to find ones that could work together in the style of building I want. The main structure is clapboard siding with the annex board and batten.

    I visualize it, then try to make what I see come out with the doors and windows I have selected.

    In my mind I can see a finished model, but am making small changes as I go along, like the 45 degree corners on the first floor were not originally there, but seemed to needed when when I laid out the front windows.

    NO I do not suggest people try this, but I thought it would be an interesting way to create a model;

    I figure out how large a wall should be, and cut a blank;

    I then start to place the windows and doors on the wall seeing how it all looks;

    This is the backside of the building, with out the second story door as of yet.

    Here is the front wall with doors and windows already cut in and painted.

    The front door is recessed, and the side cutouts are for 45 degree walls to meet the side walls.

    Here is the front and a side wall as they presently stand. The annex will be at the other end of the building.

    The pencil square is the probable location of a loading dock and door.

    The roof will over hang the walls by about a scale foot, with a center one story tower supporting the widows walk.

    The roof will be about 45 degrees with a 30 degree taper near the bottom to meet the overhang.

    That's it for now.

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    Interesting structure! Neat how the color changes from a straight on view to an angled one, like the angled colors! Neat windows, who makes them? Thanks!


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      Windows are all, Grant line in the picture,

      On the front I used 5220 for the first story and 5223 for the second story.

      When I saw the 5223 I knew they were what I wanted and have adjusted the building to them.

      The color is hard to get right, it is a light bluish green, the trim is a dark blue.

      The angled view is closer to the real color.


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        The side walls have been designed painted and windows and door installed.

        Here is an image of a test look at the right side wall.

        The windows in the top were kept but after painting the side, I decided to use the same windows as on the front, for the first floor, as these windows seemed too small;

        The result so far for the right side;

        The left side;

        Both 3/4 views of the sides.

        Here I am still deciding whether to install windows in the 45 degree angled corners or not.

        I'm also thinking about a front porch, and how a stairway to the rear will look.

        For now a stairway that winds around the right side rear corner.

        This affects where to place the second story door in the rear.

        That's it so far.


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          Clif, very nice, I like the windows you chose. I am rather jealous that you have an LHS that has selections of windows that you can compare to decide what to do. I love my LHS, but one thing it does not carry is a selection of windows and doors. I have to browse web catalogs and it just is not the same as being able to handle the parts and look at them. I am interested to see what you do with the corner windows.


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            Hey that looks terrific so far. I am waiting to see what the roof and veranda look like. I'm a sucker for widow walks too. The layout and proportions are very pleasing.



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              The structure is shaping up nicely, Clif. I look forward to seeing where you go from here.


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                Bruce, I really like the second floor windows on the front side of the building as they make the whole building it jump out at you. Looking forward to progress reports!! Good job!!
                Scott, from the wilds of Carroll County, Ohio