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  • Friday Evening Lounge

    Just out wondering around this evening and thought I'd open the lounge for any night owls. Brought some crackers and cheese with me and we have a selection of libations, whatever you would like.

    Not much going on modeling wise today. Lot's of working doesn't leave much time for playing. I did finish getting my Digitrax UP-5's linked up so I did get something accomplished. Hopefully I will be able to spend some quality layout construction time this weekend.

    Well, come on in, put your feet up and "set a spell" as Jeb Clampett would say.

    Dave :erm:
    "there\'s something happening here, what it is ain\'t exactly clear"

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    Good evening Dave and others who might wander in. I sure could use a soda tonight and maybe a cracker ot two.

    I finished the large structure project that has been on my bench for quite awhile tonight. It felt good to get it completed, still have to plant it and scenic around it. I am now considering cleaning up the bench But for now its relax time and maybe watch some TV.


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      Sitting back and chilling, the Red Wings are up 2 to 1 on the Anaheim, no long Mighty, Ducks. A good active game.

      I tinkered with Corel Draw this afternoon and made up a set of decals for the Kato RC-3 I picked up last weekend and painted earlier this week. The decals look pretty good, I use the old New York Central typeface, Grand Central, for my Kentucky Southern Power. I hope these turn out ok, the last set I made were a bear to get to 'float' off of the paper backing. Hopefully the decoder I ordered

      earlier this week will show up tomorrow so i'll have some things to do while it snows.

      Speaking of tomorrow we've been warned all day that there is heavy snow headed this way overnight and into tomorrow.

      Well, time to make some popcorn, wings up now 3-1 at the second intermission.

      Enjoy all!
      Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

      Cedar Swamp
      SW of Manistique, MI

      Avatar image by Savannah Lyn Burgess 7-15-2022


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        Hi guys. Having just about finished up building my Branchline ice house (just need to weather the roof now), I've been working on its accompanying scratchbuilt creamery. The foundation, walls, windows and doors are all in place, so that leaves just the roof and loading platforms to do. I'm hopefully of finishing up both buildings by the end of next week.

        John (CNJ999)


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          Evening guys,

          Took a break from building the railroad and came upstairs to get some iced tea and check out the forum. I am putting in the connection for the lower level to the staging yard and the siding to the Fluger American Crucible Co. Makers of fire brick and other high temperature refractory items and high temp steel crucibles.

          Here is a photo of the hom-a-bed installed and painted.

          Here I just laid the track and switches down so you can see what I'm doing a little clearer.

          The double track main line connects on the right. This is the last wye on the layout I'm putting in. Should be in tonight.
          Bill Shanaman

          New Haven RR

          Hartford Division

          in Colorado.


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            Good evening to all.

            We have a nice fire going, and we are both reading books. I was getting groggy, so I thought a brief stretch might wake me up a bit.

            No modeling today. I did work a bit on some modeling photos for an article. We will see what tomorrow brings - maybe snow late in the day.

            Have a good evening.


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              ' Evening Crew,

              I had a nice day, Dave stopped by with his new 080 with QSI quantum sound, and a few of his nicely detailed cars, and we did some train runnin'. I did not do much modeling, sort of made a jig to bend grab irons, and am getting my feet wet shaving cast on irons off, and drilling, and such. I have about a dozen locos to go through, paint, decal, add DCC (with sound) and detail. Due to budget restraints (read laid off from work) I am limiting my purchases. I will be ordering one or two decoders for now. Well I guess thats ir for tonight. Sleep tight!


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                Good evening, guys, and a late one it is. I'm back 'home' in the Ozarks (finally!!) and out of the 'big city' (finally!!) for a few days, so I'm happy. We've got a cold front on the doorstep about to blow in.... it's the backside of the storm which is about to dump snow on Karl's part of the world. No snow here, just cold air and lots of wind. That's been our story this whole winter....

                No modeling for me this evening or even anything MRR related. I sat in front of the fire and read one of my new photography magazines... time for a short MRR break.

                Looks like all is quiet here on the forum tonight, so I'll just say have a good evening, everyone. Time for bed for me.


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                  Evening All,

                  Just taking a quick tour of the site and thought I'd drop by. Snowing outside (Denver area) currently, so it looks like I'll be getting in some modeling this weekend. Good thing too, trying to keep up with MikeC on the Blue Sky build. (I feel like I keep following him everywhere these days!!) Well, like Mike, I too am going to bag it and get a early start at the workbench tomorrow when I'm fresher and can focus a bit more. Have a good one everyone.
                  -- KP --

                  Life is to short to build all of the models I want to.