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    I want to remove the nice new paint and weather to an old antique look. Do I just prime over the original paint or is there away to remove the shine? The is a lot of fine detail so sanding wont work.
    Tom M.

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    I've used household paint stripper on a few, cleaned paint off to bare metal. This is the stuff that you use in a well ventilated spaces and use gloves and eye protection. I did mine in the garage then washed off the model with our outside hose. This was in the summer!


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      What ever I do must be non toxic to my lungs.

      Other suggestions please ...
      Tom M.


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        Perhaps try a gel formula stripper (if they are available over there). I used one on the boat, and the mess was controllable. Just put the vehicle in a plastic bag with some gel, let it rest there until stripped, and rinse.
        Troels Kirk

        Näsum, Sweden


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          I just remove the detail parts and paint over the vehicle with either gray or red primer Tom.

          The Geezer


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            Tom; I've used Dulcote to take away the sheen on diecasts, and used a aerosol auto body paint remover when i wanted to remove all the paint, works good on metal products,and it flakes the paint off dry,in contrast to brush on paint remover thats messier. I found the Dulcote fumier than the auto body aerosol paint remover,I did use the paint remover in the garage.Randy


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              Thanks for all the suggestions: my detached garage is not heated and it is currently - 20 C. No work can be done out of doors for a while [:-cry] ....

              May just try the primer over the current paint ..

              if that doesn't work then I'll await a warm day ..
              Tom M.


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                tom i dont know if this will work but in rc i know if the guys on the forum want to repaint there lexan bodies they sometomes soak the body in simple green over nite and it realeases the lexan paint. and simple green is suppossed to be safe. again dont know if it will work but worth a try maybe on a hot wheel or something

                also check into those orange based strippers some hardware stores sell. just a suggestion never tried them myself. just ask if there safe first.


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                  There was an article in the NGSLG a few years ago about using a black wax to dull down the vehicles. You could do it indoors and not worry about fumes.

                  If you want the paint removed I have had luck with soaking parts in Pine - sol for a couple of days. Put the part in a sealed container. Try it on a cheap car first but I can tell you it removed the paint from metal bachmann v dump cars.

                  I have to run or I would try to look up the date of the article. I have to teach a Hockey skills class and then play a couple of hours later so I will not be back until late.


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                    Heres a couple I did. The painting was spray paint-Testors, I believe. Its seems that O scale is big enough that another coat of paint doesnt make a real critical difference, and stripping the existing paint would be a pain...

                    Tom Yorke has a tutorial on his Yahoo website about painting die cast vehicle..of course they end up looking Yorked but there are some good tips...He was on a truck kick a while back and made some resin parts to modify die cast trucks...

                    Don Miller

                    Anchorage AK


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                      Tom- I paint/weather/modify diecast vehicles to sell on eBay, in between projects of my own. I've used 90% isopropyl alcohol with an old rag to remove lettering; also does a great job of dulling paint. You can't really get in all the cracks, etc. with a rag- so I've also used Dullcote to tone down the "toy / new car" look. Just remember to mask the windows! I've had good success with disassembling (or masking different parts) of diecast vehicles and just painting over the factory job. You probably want a light coat of primer if drastically changing colors.

                      When I weather the vehicles, I'm using chalks, washes, and "Rustall", depending on what look I'm going for. Works great; the only other comment I'd make is to mask/remove the tires, etc.--I see guys on eBay selling "rusted" trucks; yeah- they rust 'em--tires, interior, steering wheels, and all. Be CAREFUL with that airbrush rust job!!

                      As I'm waiting to move, and someday set up a paintbooth, all my stuff right now is "rattle can" jobs in the basement (yes, I crack a window for venting).


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                        Here's the post on Chester's latest truck. He used Iso-alcohol


                        Stripping does work
                        Dave Mason


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                          I have the unit soaking in alcohol ....

                          guess we will see what happens overnight...

                          Tom M.


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                            Overnight Dot 3 brakefluid soaks takes the paint off anything.