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NMRA AP Civil Eng.Certificate__"Support" Thread

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  • wvrr

    I would think many forum members have built track using the Fast Tracks jigs. I have been contemplating the purchase of one to use for constructing my classification yard. And, the yard will include a crossover and turnout, meeting 2 out of 3 requirements. I was also thinking of building a gauntlet track as a static display, again using the jigs to help with the critical components.


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  • Dutchman
    started a topic NMRA AP Civil Eng.Certificate__"Support" Thread

    NMRA AP Civil Eng.Certificate__"Support" Thread

    This thread is one of a series of threads intended to help RR-L Forum members who are also members of the NMRA and are working within the NMRA’s Achievement Program. This is not a thread to debate the pros and cons of either the NMRA or the Achievement Program. For a full explanation of the purpose of these threads, members should refer to this thread on the forum:

    This is the category where the tire meets the road (or where the wheelsets meet the rails)!

    To earn this certificate, you must prepare one original scale drawing of a model railroad track plan, identifying overall size, scale, track elevations, curve radii, and turnout sizes. There are specific requirements for what must be included in this drawing on the NMRA website here:

    After preparing the scale drawing, you must then construct and demonstrate the satisfactory operation of a completed section of the model railroad and track work described in the scale drawing. There are again specific linear feet requirements for differing scales that can be found at the link above. When doing the trackwork, you must include appropriate ballast, drainage facilities, and roadbed profile, which may contain spurs, yards, etc. Construct for Merit Judging, scratch built scale models of any three of the following, and demonstrate their satisfactory operation (the three must achieve Merit status):

    • Turnout (point or stub)

    • Crossover

    • Double Crossover

    • Single Slip Switch

    • Double Slip Switch

    • Crossing

    • Gauntlet Track

    • Gauntlet Turnout

    • Dual Gauge Turnout

    • Gauge Separation Turnout (Narrow gauge splitting off from dual gauge)

    • Double Junction Turnout (One set of parallel tracks diverges from another)

    • Three-Way Turnout

    • Spring Switch

    • Operating Switch in Overhead Wire

    • Other ___________

    Note: Commercial frogs are not permitted to be used in any of these items. These models may be built and demonstrated as part of the layout or separately.

    I believe that we have a number of RR-L members who have either completed these requirements or are currently working on them. I hope that they jump in here with some insights and pictures.