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Ole Bill's: 4 Acres of Antique Vehicles

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  • Ole Bill's: 4 Acres of Antique Vehicles

    This afternoon I went to a place here in Liberty that I've driven by almost every day for the past 30+ years but never stopped to look around. It's called "Ole Bill's Auto Salvage and Museum. It's an absolute treasure trove (not to mention maze) of several hundred unrestored, rusting antique cars and trucks. All but a few are outside and scattered over about 4 acres of ground. And there are piles and piles of junk parts everywhere. I think the newest vehicle there is probably 15 years old, but the majority of them are from the 1920's - 40's. I've known they were here for a long time, but like I said, I never bothered to stop and look around.

    The so-called "museum" is a collection of ramshackle wooden buildings and is no longer open. However, the owner (he's the son of the founder, "Ole Bill") gave me permission to walk all around and take pictures. His only request was that I not go into any of the buildings. Most of the buildings are open from the backside, so I stood in the doorway to take a few photos. Altogether, I shot 105 pictures while there. It will take me a while to get them worked up (I shot RAW files), but there should be some good ones in the bunch. This place is like the prototype Quincy's, I think.

    Here are a few samples of what I saw. The lighting levels of the interior shots were "Photoshopped" so the details could be seen. If there's interest, I'll post additional photos as I get them processed and resized for posting.

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    More great photos, Mike. Thanks!



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      Hey Mike...

      I WANT MOREid="size6">

      Thanks for finally stopping!
      In memory of Mike Chambers


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        Mike C

        Keep 'em coming . Fantastic !

        Thanks for the photos.

        Peter [:-kitty]


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          I'd sure love to see more pictures.

          BTW, do you get the sense that the son will do something with these old vehicles, or just let them rust away?


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            Again outstanding and of course I would also like more.

            There may be some value to some of those vehicles and it would be a shame to see them just rust away to nothing.

            I am sure there are people out there who would love to restore them.
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              Okay, guys, I'll post more in the days (and maybe weeks) to come.


              Originally posted by Dutchman


              I'd sure love to see more pictures.

              BTW, do you get the sense that the son will do something with these old vehicles, or just let them rust away?

              Bruce, I met both Ole Bill (he's about 90 and can barely walk) and "Young Bill" (he's about our age) today. A lot of what's out in the "yard" (3-4 acres) is way beyond repair, especially the Model T and Model A body shells. So my guess is that Young Bill really doesn't care if they rust away. I don't know how long Ole Bill's has actually been there, but I do know it's been there since at least 1969 - and very likely way before that.

              When you walk into the main shop area, it's like stepping back in time about 50 years - or (and I truthfully thought this) walking into the middle of one of Chuck D's. models. There are dozens of old pigeon-hole cabinets right inside the door that are jammed with parts of all kinds, and everything you can think of from chains to belts and odd-ball tools hanging from the walls. There was a fully restored touring car, c. 1928, sitting there about 6 feet from another old timer that Young Bill was spraying with primer when I first walked in. Ole Bill was sitting in a chair watching and just nodded at me. My impression - I did not ask - was that he restores antique cars on commission or consignment.

              I didn't want to push my luck today, so I didn't ask to photograph the shop area while he was working. But I defintely plan to go back and ask another day.


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                Shame to see all those vintage cars going to waste.


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                  Thanks for the pics! Interesting story. Looks like

                  a prime canidate for modeling! If only Jordan would make O scale cars!

                  Looking forward to seeing more when you get a chance.

                  Chuck D.


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                    Red-orange Chevy pickup

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                      Fenders and hoods

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                          Great photos Mike. Thanks for sharing these. I am looking forward to any more that you have time to post.


                          Dave K in NB


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                            Mike, thanks for the additional pictures. What surprises me is how good the chrome still looks on those fenders and hoods.

                            The shots of the back of that pick-up help too with rear light placement.


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                              Tractors! Oooo-aww!