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    Two nice little kits, andy. Thanks for sharing. Just a little tip your way. When you painted your black trim, you could've placed a strip of masking tape on the white upright support. This would save you on your touch-up job. (I've learned this through experience!) :erm:
    Mike Hamer

    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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      thanks mike, as you have ive now learned the hard way


      post office pretty much done other then decal when they arive

      and then needs just a little tuching up, and final weathering

      and alos made a start on the larger shop last night

      im really looking forward to finnishing off the shop, its ganna be good fun what with all the signs to put up


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        How bout' that black mark being where the roofer got sloppy with the tar mop when resurfacing the roof?

        L&N nut



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          haha its abit late now jobs today (after being busy with other things to do)print my decals and fix to the post office, and finnish the shop


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            Nice building, I'm looking forward to how you apply the signage.


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              oh dear, not soon had i started making the decals, i got a phone call from my great uncle asking if i will do some work for him (money is money) so i was down his most of the day, so never got round to the decals, so, that evening i finnshed up the store, it just needs decals, and touching up on the roof, and the decking to be painted


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                time for an update

                having never used the diy decal sheets i was quite churpy, 1st mistake, their idea of 3 light coats is different to mine, so the 1st lot just washed off, so 2nd lot, i went i bit heavy with them, and thay came out better, but some colour still came off while moveing them into place (the e on the post office is pretty much hand painted now haha) so other than that, they came out alright, there not 100% perfect, but will do

                so the larger shop, was really fun to do all the signs, and put the "market" decal up (thought it would be better to do all the letters one at a time, errr no hehe took me 2 hours to do that) never again hehe

                and done sat and sunday, i made the diner. am very happy with this model, was nice to stick togther and i like the red oxide colour i went with (made a nice change from dirty white i think) all that is needed is the signs on the roof, and it will be done

                so, now i have to make a list of all the bits i can get from model jnc,(an english shop that only sells american models) and order some more :tongue :thup


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                  Nice work on both buildings, Andy. The decaled store is great.


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                    thank you, well thats all till i get my next order in, so ill update once i get somewhere


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                      All the buildings look great Andy. You seem to build in Hyper Speed. LOL. Wish i was that quick. Keep at it.




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                        hyper speed hehehehe, well not having a 9 to 5 job helps,

                        thank you for your comments.


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                          have an update

                          1st up, made from plascitcard, nice old beat up parts barn to go with my gas station/ running repair shop/ junk yard

                          the water tower

                          took my the best part of 30 mins to do, and is a scale 70 ft tall (around 10 inches)

                          the farm supply store

                          also has a little slaes office with it too. i had real trouble painting the roof, everytime, no matter how much i stired the paint, id dyed gloss, but by luck on didnt, it stay matt, haha

                          and i know its not a building, but it goes with the gas station (still in box) and the parts barn

                          and since this is my 1st american layout, i wanted to madel models of stuff that just screams american (i.e the water tower)

                          so i found something and i had to have it

                          nice little kit to sepnd an evening on :thup