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Little Creek Railway - II

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  • Little Creek Railway - II

    I was busy over the Christmas holidays. I completely tore down my Little Creek Railway (such as it was at that point), and rebuilt it in a different space. Here’s a link to the old LCR, which was about 25’ x 30” with return loops on each end:

    There are several reasons I tore this down and rebuilt it. I didn’t like the fact that it was in a space with the rest of the basement. My workbench was in this area, as was my home office. Also, I wasn’t happy with some of the operational aspects of the old one.

    The new LCR – II is now in its own space in the basement. It is an around the walls design that you walk into and is basically an E-shape. There is a swing-gate at the entry into the space, so no duckunder.

    So, let’s get to the pics. The first pic is an overall shot of the layout. There are basically two mainlines. One circles around the outer edges of the layout, climbing to the upper level. The other mainline stays on the lower level and winds its way under the upper layout and out onto the peninsula.

    Additionally, there is a reverse loop that branches off the lower mainline for turning a train. The entry into the reverse loop can be seen just beyond the curved bridge and the exit from it is on the left in the town area. The entire reverse loop is hidden below the upper level, except for the entry and exit from it.

    This pic shows the town area of Little Creek on the left side of the layout. The mainline comes through town and there is a double-ended siding off of it with a couple of storage tracks. There are still more structures to build for this area.

    This pic shows the mining area that will be on the right side of the layout. There are a couple of spurs off the mainline, and there will be more mining structure built up the side of a mountain here.

    This shot shows the peninsula. On the upper level is a wye off the mainline with a tail-track that crosses the lower mainline. There are a couple of spurs off of this, one which will go off into the woods to a logging area. The shorter spur will be used by the sawmill that will be on the peninsula. This whole upper level area will be forest, logging operations, spar tree, and sawmill.

    This last shot shows the big bridge that will cross the gorge. A waterfall will be visible behind it.

    All of the track is laid at this point and I’m now wiring it all up. Should be running trains soon!

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    You HAVE been busy Eddie, looking like it's going to be a fantastic layout!


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      What a radical change of layout plan, Eddie! What's the size of the new layout?

      You've done an impressive work on it, and having the trains almost ready to run must be an incentive to progress steadily.

      Your big bridges fit their allotted space perfectly, and from the location of the buildings, one can imagine some nice scenes.

      I'm looking forward to see more of this project.


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        Frederic - It's 10' from front to back and 11' 4" from side to side.


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          Great rebuild, I like all of the bridge work.

          I look forward to following your progress.



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            Nice work....I like the bridges too.....

            The Geezer


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              Could you post a trackplan, Eddie? I really like the look of that layout. Great work!


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                A fine and compact layout, with good use of the available space. Looking forward to seing the landscape binding it all together.
                Troels Kirk

                Näsum, Sweden


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                  Always a bit envious of guys with such enormous area for a layout (mine is only 2x7.5). All kidding aside, lots of progress and a great looking restart. Looking forward to watching the Little Creek Railway continuous progress over the coming years.




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                    Wow Eddie, What a change. You have accomplished a lot in a short time frame. I like the look of it and it will be spectacular when the scenery is added. Looking forward to further progress updates in this build.
                    Ron Newby

                    General Manager

                    Clearwater Valley Railway Co.



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                      It's quite a compact design, Eddie. This way you're sure to complete it.


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                        Looks good Eddie. Lucky you having trains to run so quickly.

                        Have we seen the benchwork before?
                        Follow along as my dog and I travel the country in our van.
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                          Eddie, nice looking layout construction, and I really like the Trestle work. Glad you will be up and running in no time!

                          Louis L&R Western Railroad
                          Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


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                            Funnily enough Eddie, this was one of the layout builds I was thinkng of trying to find the old thread for the other day to ask how's progress! Simple enough design that allows a good run, with good ammount of room to scenic things up. Good luck with V2 Eddie, will look forward to the build.

                            Dan Pickard


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                              Hi Eddie --

                              Looks like the center operator's pit would be a great place to be ... surrounded by trains.

                              Even at this point, it's obvious that there will be lots of dramatic scenery that will make it quite appealing. Well, the cut-outs for the trestles, etc, make it obvious how far below the trackwork the scenery will drop ... and the mine sitting up on a mason jar in that third shot give a great "sneak peek" at how the scenery will extend upward.

                              Look forward to seeing the peeks and valleys take shape around the great trackwork!


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