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small branchline layout

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  • small branchline layout

    ... a never ending story.

    so .. i try to build a portablelayout.

    it wil have 4 parts:

    left and right a fiddle on a traverser 60x50 cm (1,9x 1,6 feet)

    and 2 parts layout 230cm x 50 cm ((7,5 x 1,6 feet)

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    next step will be to find out how to add picture

    seems i found the point

    here i can show what i did till today:

    on the left side i placed a factory. i was thinking about a mill or a backery - but depending o my rolling stock i decided to setup a hardware factory / machine construction

    as you see i first use some cardboard boxes to find the dimensions of the buildings.

    on the right side there will be workshops


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      the open storage has to get a back wall - maybe with an office to close it to the backdraft.

      i'm not sure how i will do - but it seems too much blue sky to me

      i have to think about some more buildings or landscape in the lower backdraft


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        Looks like you are off to a great start!


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          Looking great ... keep us posted.

          Add some fences, low rolling hills in the background to remove some of the blue sky .. IMO
          Tom M.


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            Good luck with the build and please post lots of progress shots. I will be interested in how you handle the traverser on each end.

            Regarding the sky it may be a little too blue at the bottom. Try to tone down the color as the sky gets closer to the horizon.



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              Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting pics of your progress. I've always said that a railroad doesn't have to be a monster size to be fun...and it looks like you are really enjoying building this layout. Bravo! :up:
              Mike Hamer

              Ottawa, Ontario, Canada





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                hi all

                thanks for comments!

                i like testing with cardboard and i can imagine to build my structures out of it .

                the pictures from kirk are realy an inspiraton to go that way.

                i did something "similar" for H0 and G some years ago ( but kirk seems a reaL master in this )

                today i tested to have some more uildings in the background.

                think if i want this i have to make all structures to look straight on it- no perspectives.


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                  well-- had a lot time this weekend and mood for a railway..

                  overview from rightside

                  i took the open storage a little lower and placed cardbord dummies behind to make a ilussion of a industrial quarter.

                  the blue workshops got shorter and give more space between rails and structures - so i will have a small cobblestone oneway there

                  the overview from the other side shows that i decide to the scene follows up a residential quarter. behind the bridge to tzha backside will apear the first apartment buildings

                  the left bridge arch will lead to astreet with rails in,the right arch leads to a tunnel behind a office building. the upper picture (overview from rightside) shows on the right side a green cardboard (falco) - this will hide a little bit the entrance to the tunnel ( to the right traverser)

                  this picture is quite nice and shows the leftside without flash. that's all

                  overview : Miller's hardware and machine construction behind the trees 2 factories with funnels and the open storage (behind this i think something is missing- think about! notice to myself)

                  right side: the red truck crosses the bridge from town to the industrial quarter. a row of trees seperates the street from the pavement.

                  the breach between the bridge arches (made of a fancy-cake packing) will be closed.

                  what's the bridge for ?

                  think i will mount a peace of a dummitrack there, maybe electrified. this will show a crossing railroad and be a nice place for fotoshootings.

                  this will be a good place for a RDC ( i love RDC's )

                  bonustrack :


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                    Node, I can tell you're having a lot of fun with this. Keep going and keep the pictures coming.


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                      fun- may hurt

                      just a try again.

                      i followed the ideas of kirk ( see his great work at the lighthouse - and thanks for inspiration)

                      i have this:

                      and got that:

                      just doing this....

                      on nearly 5 m of paper gives you blistered fingers...

                      an i just did one side of the roof for this testing impression:

                      the roof is about 38x 12 cm

                      and took me about 30 minutes for a quick tryout.

                      if i would spend more care and time this will bring nice results


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                        Hi Node --

                        Ah yes, fun and cheap to play with cardboard! Have to finish up a layout base here so I can start doing some of that myself.

                        One bit of very POSITIVE feedback on your efforts ... you're building a long, straight layout ... yet you're including many subtle curves in your trackwork and introducing angles in the placement of your buildings ... these features will give a very nice effect as the layout takes shape.

                        Keep having fun!


                        Chambers Gas & Oil -- structure build

                        Quality craftsmanship with a sense of humor! []


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                          hi dallas

                          thanks for your feedback!

                          atm i'm using a rest of PIKO code 100 sektional tracks i had from starting HO.

                          when i'm going to find "my" layout and structures i will use about 3 meters of flexible track i have to get it a little smoother.

                          this will break the "straight" an parallel lines i now have a little more.

                          also i have the chance to misalign the switches and make all a little more individual.

                          i just have 5 points were i have to get right-angled on a point:

                          2 on the backdraft to go into the traverse - hidden by buildings

                          1 inside the middle structure of the factory (hidden)

                          and the 2 exits on the frontside - both covered but possible to see.

                          anything else may be "free" laid out to the needs of this layout




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                            Nice goin Node - Lots of action in a small area.....Thanks for the post!

                            The Geezer


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                              so... today just spend some "CPU-time" on m layout

                              thought about the bridge : the handrail will be made out of tubes like idea under the bridge

                              the building #10 will be a part of a railway-station - so there will be an explanation for the tunnel under it

                              building #1 the apartment house will have a pharmacy on the edge to the bridge so i get a lighted spot behind the bridge which is to see under the backside arch of the bridge and if i look along the bridge - station-side

                              building #4 will be an apartment house too and will have extensions (houses) in a backdraft-painting

                              so there may be the illusion that there are streets leading left and right tho "somewhere" in "kulisse 1 +2"

                              that's all folks ...

                              i started a new post about the pennsylvania steamloco i had on the bridge - will try my first kitbash / scratch in 0n30 with a loco without prototype