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weathering M E flex track ties

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  • weathering M E flex track ties

    I need a little help. Before I begin laying track and turnouts ( micro engineering flex track and turnouts) I would like to weather the ties to a more realistic look. has anyone done this? Any advice would be appreciated.

    thanks, Vince

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    It's best to paint/weather after you lay the tracks because if it is done before, it only makes it harder to flex.

    Also you'll be cutting rail and putting in more ties anyway..

    Or you could use ME pre-weathered flex track.

    On weather, people have a great variety of opinions on it.. some spray roof brown, weathered black, others rust.. etc.. it's all up to you and what you want for your RR, and what best suits it.



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      I weather my rail by spraying with oxide red and then Krylon camo brown ... Then there are another 101 methods and colors....
      Tom M.


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        Thanks Tom, But it's the ties that I want to weather.


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          If you can reach the rail & ties AFTER it is laid, it is better to lay track before painting.

          Then there are many ways to achieve what you want, as others have mentioned.

          More description of your project would help others give more specific, helpful advice.

          Good luck with the project. Weathering ties and rail can be quick, a lot of fun and set the mood for the rest of the project...


          " Stay Motivated in Life "


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            Flat tan, dark brown, black and gray spray cans AFTER you have laid and tested the track. Overlapping sprays from light to dark -- more darks than lights. You can also flood on a wash of black to highlight. Rail rust will be generally dark reddish brown with some oil and grime for contrast.

            Track is scenery too; how to paint and weather track for realism

            Model Railroading, Spring 1982 page 25

            ( "BURROUGHS, ALBIN", PAINT, SUPERDETAIL, TRACK, WEATHERING, MRG ) is a good article as is

            Weathering track

            Model Railroader, July 1999 page 93

            George Sellios' techniques for detailing flextrack

            ( FLEXTRACK, PAINT, "SELLIOS, GEORGE", TRACK, "TYLICK, MICHAEL", WEATHERING, MR ) is a good article highlighting the above method.

   is the search on weathering track.

            Bill Uffelman

            Las Vegas NV


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              Thanks for the wealth of info Bill.


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                The model train magazine index at Kalmbach is an essential modeling tool. Just have to figure out what words to search on 8>)).

                I mentioned before that the original site was created using a lot of my magazine collection -- meant I could actually find stuff quickly instead of thumbing through six decades of memories (I still like to do that too!)

                Bill Uffelman

                Las Vegas NV


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                  Then sometimes they are just gray:

                  From SlimRails

                  For good narrow gauge photos visit:




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                    Harold, could you post a link to your tutorial on coloring track?

                    Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)


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                      Yes Harold that would be great.



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                        I bought a set of weathering pens from Micro-Mark, but haven't

                        had a chance to try them yet. Has anyone ever used them? If so,

                        are they worth the effort?

                        The Geezer


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                          I purchased the floquil weathering pens from my LHS I have set F3801 which consists of rail brown, rail tie brown and rust, I've used the rust on weathered rail and bare nickle silver rail, it looks very good on the bare rail, and is very easy to apply.