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    Hello all, can someone help w/ the following?

    1. Where can I find some drawings for a small backwoods engine house/facility-I even considered buying a FSM logging & repair shed in HO & inlarging it to O scale, but they are hard to find & pricey.

    2. Been checking on DCC sys & for me the NCE Power Cab looks like a nice entry level for someone w/ limited funds & no knowledge of DCC. Can I use a DCC sys on a Bachmann EZ track layout w/ turnouts that I use for break in running?

    Thank you for any suggestions,


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    Are you wanting to scratch build the engine house or buy a kit? There are O scale single stall kits for between $100 and $160.

    What engine are you planning to store in it the length will make a difference.

    If you want to scratch build do you want a single stall or double stall engine house?

    Also you can use a dcc system with bachmann eztrack.


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      Hi Dale - I bought the Digitrax "Zephyr" - its is easy to understand,

      compact and expandable. You might want to check it out.

      I agree with Larry - try your hand at scratch building, if you have

      limited funds.

      The Geezer


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        I've got the NCE Power Cab, and it's easy to use with the display, and works like a charm! I was also a DCC newbie...
        Troels Kirk

        Näsum, Sweden


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          I would like to scratch build the engine facility (single stall, mayby w/ another track for a side workshed; 0-6-0T size loco & BVM Silver shay conversion)if plans can be found.



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            Here is a link to a quick scratch built engine house I did on another form that would work for a first build.

            You will see no real plans are required just the dimensions of your longest and widest engine. Leave a foot on each side and the top of the entry door.

            I did not even have to buy pre made doors or windows.

            The engine inside is a HO 0-6-0 conversion.


            Jerry if you read this I hope you get a good laugh considering your engine house build.


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              I am an NCE power cab user and was a Noob when I got it. Very easy to set up and use. I would recommend it to anyone. Something to consider with my endorsement though is I have not used other systems so I cannot say NCE is better or worse, only that I have found it to fit my needs.


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                I was a newbie recently, I purchased a Digitrax Zephyr, based on ease of use and expandibility. It runs up to 10 locos at the same time, and its programming mode doesn't require a booster in the test track mode. I recently upgraded to wireless with it, so I have 2 controllers. I also expanded same capabilities this summer by adding a loco net buffer so I could connect up my laptop with decoder pro. Its simple and easy to use.

                BTW welcome to the group, there are some super resources here and great modelers. Please join in, comment as you want.



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                  May I suggest that you check Steam in the Bush in Australia. They have some nice looking kits, not very expensive, that might be exaclty what you are after.

                  Here's the link:


                  Check both the single stall and 2 road kits

                  I have no connection with this business other than as a happy customer



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                    Ok, Dale here is a link to a plan in HO scale in pdf form which when printed out in an enlarge form will work perfectly for you.

           I have used this site several times and have used Google translator and gotten some FANTASTIC tips and plans. Pat


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                      I use BOTH Digitrax and NCE. I belong to several clubs and each has a different system.

                      I can highly recommend BOTH systems.

                      I would advise you to try each one on an operating layout if possible and see which YOU like better.

                      Also, are there any other modelers, clubs or shops near you that use primarily one or the other?...usually it is nice to have another set-up and user close by when climbing the learning curve.

                      I started with Digitrax because of the loconet and easy interface with my mac laptop so I could use DecoderPro (free JMRI java based software for programming decoders...also many other features in the JMRI suite). Now NCE has a USB interface ability.

                      Both have radio capability as you expand...NCE is a bit ahead of the curve right now, but Digitrax will have a new throttle out soon to even the score.

                      Many feel the NCE manuals are more user friendly than the Digitrax manuals.

                      Both systems will operate your trains, sound and like most of our computers, do 500% more than many of us will ever ask of it.

                      So, in summary, try each if possible and decide which you like best and which strengths match your priorities.

                      Welcome, and enjoy!


                      Boalsburg PA


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                        Thank you all for the help. This site sure has a ton of info & super nice folks, now if I can only assimilate some of it!

                        With 10,000 population in my town, (SE Idaho) not too many are model RR people so I'm going to check out some hobby shops in the 'big city' for a DCC tryout.

                        As for an engine house, I'll keep my eye out for something along the backwoodsy idea. I appreciate all the input from each of you & will continue w/ questons. :-)



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                          Well guys, I've done it. Yesterday I purchased a 2 stall engine house & boiler house kit from On30 douwnunder. I have thier 18' flat car w/ load but have not started it yet-it looks very nice & now there will be a home for locos.



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                            Let us know how the kit is,length of time to get it, etc.

                            I have been interested in the kits they produce but I have never pulled the trigger.



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                              Post some pictures for us too, Dale!