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    I was working on my RECO engine house and was wanting the floor to look as good as possible but paint on fome board wasn't doing the job of old on site mixed concret then i get this idea to go upstairs open the bed room window 'clear stow first'and take some pictures of my old drive and print and patch togeather on fome board.The sand and cracks realy stood out now to shop any sugestions. PILOT

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    Be careful of scale size of the cracks and rocks in the cement. I would be sure to print out the photos to a scale close to that you are modeling. Can't wait to see what you get from the photos, it's a great idea.



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      I have done a similar thing with a brick wall.You take a picture of a large brickwall. In a photo editing program you enlarge or shrink he photo so the brick are the same size as your scale brick . You can also add advertising signs use a blending tool to fade the advertising and use a laser printer and make a decal for a whole wall then cut out the window.I have done this when modeling HO scale. But would work for a concrete floor also you could enlarge or shrink the page to make the cracks smaller our use a blend tool to take out the crack.Great Idea though.

      Alan Ashworth

      Down South


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        THANKS for the ideas fellows what i've done sofar doesn't look to bad ,you are right about scale of cracks and some of the whites were unuseable but some almost looks like paint spells.I'M not up on photo work and don't have what your talking about,but i have made a patter of lexsan the size of the pours and move it around over the print tell I find a good spot to cut and paste with 3m .