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  • Good morning all ... Larry thanks for the coffee and donuts ....

    Ron: we are just cold [:-cold] , not wet ..

    Warmer temperatures will soon be here ...

    You modelers must have hit a "mid winter slump" [:-indifferent] .. get over it, get your ambitions and imaginations going [:-idea]

    have a great day ....
    Tom M.


    • Good morning everyone - Thanks for getting the fire Geezer, and thanks for the coffee and donuts Larry.

      No modeling for me the last couple of nights as I had to get my new laptop up and running seeing as the screen on the old one is possessed (think poltergeist ), sometimes it works, sometimes it's so dim you need a flashlight and then there is the berserk mode, flickers like crazy, well you get the picture.

      With all of that I have been thinking about the challenge, peculating some ideas etc., Tonight I plan to put them down on paper.

      Larry I sent you an e-mail last night.

      Have a great day everyone.
      Ron Newby

      General Manager

      Clearwater Valley Railway Co.


      • "You modelers must have hit a "mid winter slump" .. get over it, get your ambitions and imaginations going

        have a great day ...."

        Tom M.

        Yeah....quit doing all the 1:1 stuff that needs to be done & have fun modeling! ( I hope none of the wives hear that!)[:-batman]

        I will do at least one project this weekend...even maybe finish it!



        • Geezer,

          You could always go to Walmart ....
          Tom M.


          • ROFL Tom!!! I forgot if I answered you....but that was hilarious!!!!



            • The Geezer,

              what is the cladding on the outside of your house? They look to be almost like cork tiles.

              Regards, Brodie


              • Good morning all, there's coffee, croissants and French baguette on the counter, help yourself.

                Geezer, your house is really looking great. I understand that once you're in you don't want to go out...

                Larry, I sort of share your modelling mood. I'm just in front of complicate projects, all of them : saguaro, going on with my S scale coaling complex, building bridges for the layout, I think I'll take a few days off for armchairing (and maybe the simple fact of saying that will send me back to the work table...). I also think that even if saguaros are not made yet, I can now start the Arizona diorama itself.

                Nice joke, Ron. I'm always amazed by the temperatures announced by Tom. If I didn't know it's true, I would believe it's false...

                Have a great day, everyone.


                • Good morning all ... thanks for the coffee Frederick ...

                  The weather this winter has been very cold. Records for low temperatures have been broken throughout the province. Ah, but the temperature is to rise above freezing today. Tomorrow is the first day of spring ... [:-jumprefect]

                  I am patiently waiting for some parts to arrive so I can continue on with some projects. It is hard to stay focused while waiting.

                  I have been puttering with styrene and my Spuds. My thoughts center around the Simplex gasoline units as shown on the Leighton Buzzard Railroad.

                  I am waiting for my neighbour to bring over some scrap 3/4" plywood and we will finish framing up the second level of the railroad where the tunnels will go. We blame the delay on the cold weather. No one wants to dig around in the storage shed to find the lumber.

                  That's my story and I am sticking to it ...

                  Have a great day .....
                  Tom M.


                  • Good morning,

                    Thanks for the Coffee Frederic.


                    Make sure you put on some sun screen if you go out today.

                    I have hit the spring modeling slump .

                    I need to find a small simple project to get me started. I did reguage a Grandt Line ON3 push car to ON30 last night. Wow!

                    Waiting on a package to arrive from Cody, we had a big swap of stuff we were not going to use N for ON3. I think lots of bash odds and ends were sent back and forth. Maybe that box arriving will get me moving.

                    Have a good day all and can someone please turn the economy back on so I can find a job!



                    • Good morning all, just have time for a quick cup of coffee and back to the train garage for me. Another couple of hours of cardboard strip cutting and placing getting ready for trestle placement. Then on to the next bridge a Howe Truss. Hope your all having a great day, it's been cool here on the coast at night about 40 or so but shirt sleeves all day and lots of sun. Jerry


                      • Morning all....

                        Finally busy here at work...Just checked in to see whats up.

                        On my way to the cabin tonight (Took friday off )

                        Brodie -

                        The "Cladding" on the outside is really the "skin" or "Sheathing" as it is called here.

                        It will be covered with "Tyvek" which is a (thin plastic) vapor barrier, and then the siding will go

                        over that.

                        You are right Frederic - once I get to that new layout room, it won't be hard to find me.

                        Only reason to leave is for the spring fishing to restock the freezer.

                        The rest of you guys - get going! No slumps allowed!

                        All be well ~

                        The Geezer


                        • Geezer,

                          If I fly up there to help you catch fish can I eat them right away or do they have to go in the freezer?

                          My box just arrived from Canada, have to go see what is in all of the grab bags.[:-bouncy][:-bouncy]


                          • Larry - You can eat all you want brudda!

                            I make the best crappie & bass fillets you can imagine. Ranks right up there with fresh Waleye! The wife and I will fill the freezer.

                            So, with the arrival of your "Box", we should see some movement from the "T&ML rr" right?



                            • quote:

                              So, with the arrival of your "Box", we should see some movement from the "T&ML rr" right?

                              Hummmmmm, I think that what was in the boxes will be used in a later phase of the T&ML.

                              There was lots of ON3 stuff that would make a really good micro layout. Also some cars that I could use as part of the connection with the WP&Y.

                              Interesting piece of information for the challenge. Cody sent a Tamiya VW Bug and the wheel base is a perfect (and I mean perfect) fit for the HO Bachmann ballast spreader.


                              • Wow- nobody up yet? Fine, the new guy makes the coffee! Beware, though, I make it "military style" so it's a little strong...if your spoon doesn't stand up, it's not ready.....

                                Gonna' be 72 here in Colorado today, cooler Saturday, and then maybe we're back to winter come the rest of the weekend and into next week. We need it- it's dry here. Local swapmeet is Saturday, and then the rest of weekend I'm working on RR kits while watching March Madness B-ball; doesn't get any better than this......whooo-hooo !!

                                Hope everyone has a nice day, and you're looking forward to a great weekend!!