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  • LOL Les "Thats okay I like building locos, not to good on cars, but I will get there."

    I don't recall ever seing a car of yours that was shabby! You loco's however are the

    "Tops" as far as I am concerned.

    I need to get busy and print out directions to the show in April, haven't heard back from Allen yet.

    Oh yeah - Thanks for pat on the back for the plastic challenge.

    I have to ask again: "Are any of you guys having trouble posting pictures to the threads?"

    Off to take some progress snaps of the new place....Be bak later.



    • Good afternoon all. Geezer, i just posted a couple of photos, and the uploads went much faster than usual. Finally getting some modeling in today... After just half a week I've really missed the relaxation and fun... A fine day to all!
      Troels Kirk

      Näsum, Sweden


      • I had a ton of trouble posting the spud thread.

        The conversion took me 5 minites and then an hour to post the instructions.


        • [:-weepn] no one wants to talk about gauge [:-weepn]
          Tom M.


          • There there Tom, I'd like to, but have nothing to add... although perhaps that there are non-fine-scale standards over here in Europe, which will run badly on fine track. That better? Thought not ;(
            Troels Kirk

            Näsum, Sweden


            • Les, thanks for the upcoming Porter pictures. They'll certainly help me.

              Geezer, what kind of picture posting problems have you had recently?


              • Tom

                Its not that we don't want to talk about gauge, its that we don't want to air our own laundry...I think every engine or car that runs on the RR must be verified before they can be put in ops. That also means that trackwork must sustain forward either direction, as well as backing up over same areas and thru switches to be able to move to scenicing stages. Of course the track will have to rest thru a summer and a winter...because of track changes.

                There are some locos and railtrucks that will never make the RR because of poor operations.



                • Morning folks,

                  Usual fare and gallons of coffeee on the table this morning.

                  Went to the narrow gauge show on Saturday arrived at 10:30 ( door opening time),

                  walked round the show 3 times, had a natter with an old friend and left at 11:30.

                  Only one 0n30 layout on show 'Camp 9', Took some photos, but to me one british U.S. logging layout looks the same as another.

                  Everything else was either 009 or HOn with a fair sprinkling of LGB stuff.

                  No 0n30 dealers - Steve Bennett of Black Dog mining was there, but that's about it.

                  So I went home to my LHS and bought some Eezimate long shank couplers and and a couple of Bachmann Billboard reefers!

                  To say I was disappointed is an understatement.


                  • Good morning all ... thanks for the coffee David .... sorry to hear the show did not have much for 0N30 ....

                    Question: to set the gauge on the driver wheels of a locomotive would the NWSL Puller II be the device I want?

                    What does the "quarterer do"?

                    Have a great day .....
                    Tom M.


                    • LOL,

                      I normally jam a jeweller's screwdriver between the driver and the chassis and lever outwards!have been known to use a G clamp to move then inwards!

                      But then I'm the guy who uses a Hammer to get screws started in wood!

                      Quarterer's ensure that the drivers on one side are set exactly 90 degrees to the ones on the other side.

                      Never had the need to use one.


                      • Good morning all,

                        David thanks for the coffee, shame about the show. Did you see the RR set in WW1? That one would have really been interesting for me.

                        Tom I am with David I usually wedge something in between the wheels when I want to open the gap and push in from the outside when I close the gap.

                        Cody traded me some ON3 stuff that I will need to try to regauge much more movement than you need. If you have not figured your engine out by then I can post some pictures of my errors and trials, or is that the other way around?


                        • :erm: :erm:

                          I guess there is a problem with the pictures still....I brought some home with me to see if I can send from work....I am denied access.

                          Oh well...progress on the new house is great...roof is on & the chimney framing is done. They will install the stone before completing the roof in that area.

                          Another good thing - Spring is on the way! Ice out last weekend! I can hear the crappies (fish) calling me!!!

                          I will try to figure out the picture thing tonight.

                          The Geezer


                          • Just a couple of photos of Camp 93 at the NGN show.....

                            I had to stretch my arms to get this one, hence part of the tender cut off!

                            Download Attachment: Camp_93_5.jpg
                            75.56 KB

                            Download Attachment: Camp_93_7.jpg
                            87.52 KB

                            Download Attachment: Camp_93_Connie.jpg
                            53.63 KB


                            • The loco is nice, David.


                              • Wow dave very nice. Any more pictures of the loco?
                                Owen Pass Lumber Company

                                HO Logging Layout in a Shed.