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  • I think my wife got mine from Rockler, Mike. It's the big black one that swivels and exteds

    out across the table. I has the magnifier and uses the flourescent light (round) for illumination.

    It is a big help to me with my vision problems, but not from aging. I have one good peep left and its

    20/40 but farsighted. Damdest thing trying to solder! (No depth perception with one eye~!) LOL!

    Try to have a good day...

    The geezer


    • Good afternoon all,

      Warm and cool today, the weather can't make up its mind. I haven't been ignoring you all, just getting back to the flow from Reno. I had to rebuild my trainroom laptop so I could tune engines, with that done, its back to the roster, tuning and recovering the roster files. I am finishing up the 2-6-6-2T now, and have the steam dunkirk waiting in the wings to finish. Porter is next, there's nothing else before it, and the Forney bobbing after.



      • Good evening! No modeling activity, other than thinking about it, as usual because of a combination of visitors and lots of work at the easel. But while doing repetitive work, such as fine branchwork on winter trees, there's plenty of time to think through projects to come... Found out I must build an artists studio for the layout, somewhere in Convers. And that the next building on the wharf has changed from barking/tanning rope and nets, to selling rope, wire and cordage for the fishing fleet and sail ships in the area, plus providing rigging services, selling blocks and tacle... lots of details outside the house... coils of rope etc.
        Troels Kirk

        Näsum, Sweden


        • quote:

          Frederic, You are slowly slipping into the dark side. Why not jump into our little challenge?

          Larry, it's simply a matter of number of hours in a day. Would there be 36 instead of 24, I would consider this one. But it would probably be in Sn3 (the RGS goose #2 is still my favorite) and might not involve any kit. My work on Arizona Dream has given me a better knowledge of what styrene can do, and it really can do a lot. But this project is still not finished, I have another one with the same basic ingredients to make for next autumn, and the Sn3 layout to build. So I think I'll politely decline your offer.
          Have you seen my suggestion for a next challenge in Chris' (LVN) "Elwoodblues second down and dirty flat" thread?


          • Frederic,

            I thought that fancy new math had 36 hours in a day. My old employer thought so. :erm: :erm:

            I think that a 4 wheel car would be great for the next challenge, I need lots of them on my RR.


            • And traders thought there were two dollars in one dollar.

              One should be more careful with maths...


              • Good evening everyone, sounds like your all busy and that is a good thing. As for myself just wanted to stop in catch up and say HI! I am still at my trestle and have 10 bents in place and 6 to go probably finish this thing this week. I will post a shot when I get finished. Got my new miter chop saw and have it mounted on the bench now and made a new roll around cabinet/workbench for my table saw. It has a power bar on the side and now I have room to hook up the shop vac when I use it, works slick no dust at all. Well have a great evening................Jerry


                • Good morning everyone, seeing as I'm the first on in this morning (had trouble finding the key) I put the coffee on. There is also bagels and cream cheese so help yourself.

                  As for the future four wheel flatcar challenge, I'm in I already got 2 entries I have a plan to build a whole work train using those cars, so I had better order some more and maybe, just maybe, I can talk Chris (LVN) into building them for me too after all the should all match in appearance

                  Have a great day everyone.
                  Ron Newby

                  General Manager

                  Clearwater Valley Railway Co.



                  • Good morning all .... Ron thanks for the coffee

                    It is above 0 F/ -19 C, going to be a warm day at - 6C

                    4 wheel flat car challenge .... i'd better look around, I missed that one ...

                    My tunnel portals / entrances are moving along ..I'll try and post some pictures this afternoon

                    Got to run, as I have a couple of appointments this morning ...

                    Have a great day .....
                    Tom M.


                    • Good morning Ron,Tom,Geez,Kirk,Les,Larry and everyone, thanks for the coffee. The challenge sounds like fun but right now I'm overloaded with projects. The diorama for the logging mill and related buildings looks to me like it will take the next year up even working on it daily.

                      four more bents to set in place and I am finally ready to set in this trestle. Man this layout is a real time consumer! But fun......Later, Jerry


                      • Good evening, crew.

                        Jerry I'm looking forward to see your completed bridge. And I'm sure you'll get plenty of pleasure with your logging diorama.

                        Well, this evening I woke up a fireman, and now I've become an engineer...

                        Apart from this, my modelling of the day consisted in glueing a small piece of 1" x 1" 1/2 (real life) pine to help hold the start of one of the four Sn3 bridges I'll soon have to build. And paint a few square feet of blue sky. Plus installing the hardware for new shelves (I'm always amazed when I see how many books there are in this house...). The shelves themselves should be installed tomorrow.

                        Arizona dream has entered one of its procrastination phases. One could also call this "thinking". I'm pondering in my mind the various ideas I have for the making of the saguaro. One thing is for sure : their spines are so small that the model won't have any. Even in real life close-ups, they are almost imperceptible. But I also want to add some other cacti with larger spines, and I think I might use some tall model grasses (generally used to make weeds) to represent these. We'll see...

                        Have a good evening, all.


                        • Glad to see your an Engineer there Frederic, that is a lot of internet time. I know of what you speak about the thinking stages of modeling. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with the solution to problems. Speaking of bridges they have become a real challenge on my rr because they take so long to complete and you need so many....Jerry


                          • I totally agree about the bridges, Jerry. I have three two-foot long spans to cross, plus a smaller 10" long ditch (these are approximative figures). The longer ones will have trestle approaches and a truss or a deck center. I already have a truss I had made ten years ago which will be used in one of these locations. And I'm considering the possibility of having a westside like bridge with inclined timbers holding the center span (sorry, I can't remember which of the WSL trestles was built like that).


                            • Frederic,

                              Congratulations on becoming engineer, that is a great achievement- a rank very few people on this forum hold. I take my hat off to you!



                              • Frederic,

                                Congrats [:-jump][:-jump2][:-jumprefect][:-jump2][:-jump]

                                You have been busy, I look forward to more posts in the future.