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  • Morning guys. Well it is for me anyway. I didn't get around to posting the pics of my jig to make pallets but i did start working on another test project. I have been finding basswood strips too expensive to get in aus so im starting to experiment with balsa and cutting into my own stips. Although it lacks the strength that basswood has i found it does look good if done properly.

    I started to build a wall section for a new project that im thinking of. I have pictures to put up later but i left my camera at home.
    Owen Pass Lumber Company

    HO Logging Layout in a Shed.


    • Good evening everyone (well, technically it's already the morning at 2.30am, but...).

      Les, despite some discrepancies, the goose #2 has the right look. It is my favorite one (among the RGS geese) and I'll have to scratch one some day.

      I'm still sweating on my windmill wheel. I was again not satisfied so I'm trying a third approach to make an accurate model of the beast. It's one of the most complex things I have had to model. Fitting parts when there's almost no connection between them is quite tricky...

      Have a good day or a good night...


      • Hang in Fredric!! You can do it!!!

        The Geezer


        • Good morning all .... lots of hot coffee is on ...

          Thought "old man winter" might have been done with us when he threw a left jab at us ...

          -38 C. [:-cold]

          Larry: Are you sure you want to model the Yukon?

          Frederic: Looking forward to your progress on the windmill.

          Adrian: Balsa is soft. I am sure you will handle it lightly and make some wonderful projects.

          My 2 - Tenshodo boggie 35 mm drives arrived yesterday from G.B. Look like very nice units.

          Have a great day ......
          Tom M.


          • Thanks for coffee!!!

            Tom- mebbe you should put some blades on them tenshodo boggies?????

            Nice picture, even if it makes me cold!!!

            All Have a good day

            THe Geezer


            • Tom,

              Model the Yukon, yes!

              Summer in the Yukon, yes in deed!

              Stay all year, no way!

              Beautiful picture, I would like to skate the lake but not at -35c.

              Stay warm my friend and start messing with those spuds. They are fun to plan projects around.


              You need to get some scale duck tape, we use that to attach everything in 1:1 scale.



              • Frederic I know from seeing your past efforts that you will succeed!! Good morning everyone hope your having a great day. Man Tom I was just complaining while walking the dog how I hate the cold, it's down to 45 here this morning only going up into the 50's!! Looks beautiful for sure but one thing this boy can't handle is cold.......well I need to take out son back to the train station in Eugene this afternoon he has been visiting us for the last two weeks, so it will also serve as a run to the LHS for some more plaster cloth. I need to order a case again mail order as it is cheaper, the LHS keeps creeping up a dime or more every time I buy it. I like to support them but there comes a point.

                I am anxious to get the basic land forms in so I can set my trestle. Les, I have not seen your layout as of late, how is it going???? How bout some pics. Jerry


                • Thanks for the comments, guys.

                  Larry, I'll have to delocalize my production chain to Lilliput to try your method...

                  Great and view, Tom.

                  Received a few parts today. Some chairs, a few dogs, working hinges, a PSC C16 cab detail set. And a WSM Niles lathe for my engine house (to be built in 59 years...).

                  Have a great afternoon/evening/night/morning all.


                  • Good evening all,

                    Cold here in the evenings and 40s during the day. Tom super picture, love the view. I am finishing up the many many projects before starting new ones. Jerry not much progress on the RR, except I am planning on cutting foam soon. I have experienced some shorting out do to temp variances in the basement, as to be expected.

                    I will get a couple of hours in tonight and maybe Saturday, then I will be off to Reno for a week of work. I will check in here, but likely no modeling.



                    • Les - I left the link for the hydracal over in Jerry's thread....

                      All take care

                      The Geezer


                      • Thanks for the link Geezer always appreciated, now if you know a source for decomposed granite in small quantities,,,having a heck of a time finding some for ballast and ground cover. Used to simply go out the door and scoop it up in Ca. but here on the Oregon Coast all we have is sand and more sand.Even went up in the hills where the sluff off ridges looks good but when I wet it, to much clay! The loggers didn't really use much ballast just natural earth and local fill so I don't want to use any commercial ballast like WS to uniform.. Jerry


                        • Good morning all. A fine sunny day has begun here in Sweden. Coffee and the sinful danishes on the counter.

                          After the days of way too much work and visitors, I finally got some modeling time last night. Made a computer designed sign and laid out the walls for the Norwegian klippfisk folks. It's amazing how one can miss that hour or two of relaxing modeling in the evenings... so good to be back!

                          A fine day to all!
                          Troels Kirk

                          Näsum, Sweden


                          • Its Friday!!!

                            I figger y'all are tired of coffee & tea, so I left a kegger & hard stuff over by the table....

                            You didnt want to get much done today anyway!



                            • Danish and beer, breakfast of champions!

                              Party time! excellent!

                              Did some surgery last night on some hawk cable cars. Pictures are posted over in the challenge thread.

                              Have a good day all.


                              • Good morning all ... thanks for the coffee and danish .... I'll pass on the "kegger and hard stuff" until I finish a work out on the treadmill.

                                Still painting away on the BVM rolling stock.

                                Now the Tenshodo bogie drives have arrived I have started some planning for the John Deer switcher.

                                Need to figure out the width this switcher should be and the necessary length to accommodate the tractor.

                                I was thinking 6 - 6 1/2 feet wide ?????? Comments !!!id="teal">

                                Have a great day ......
                                Tom M.