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    Originally posted by BigLars


    Where did you take the picture?

    An old limestone quarry operation in the Shenandoah Valley. They ran 4 wheel Plymouths pulling 4 wheel side dump cars, with "link and chain" couplers ... 3 links between each car. Talk about slack action [:-ouch]



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      Good Morning, Some serious flooding going on around Seattle WA.


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        Good morning everyone.

        Coffee is on, Philip that is a nasty flood. Too bad that shay is just sitting there in the open and not in being restored. We have a three truck Shay in operation at the NC Transportation museum. It is great to watch it run, unfortunately they only have a couple of miles of track to run on, sort of like our scale railroads.

        I hope I get something constructive done today. the only thing I was able to muster last night was painting some oil drums and playing with a little rust weathering.



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          Man! Thats a lot of water!!! Thanks for the post Philip!!

          Larry, Thanks for the much needed coffee this morning. I hope you get something going today, keep you out of mischief!! All stay warm, we (NYC) are expecting a big chill& 3 - 8 inches of snow by morning.

          The cold I can take....and you dont have to shovel rain!!!

          The Geezer


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            Originally posted by kirk

            Lars, I have bought both sorts, and I think the On track looks too rustic for Maine. The british O scale is 1:43 and the OO I believe is 1:79. I've looked at some old Forney photos, and counted the number of ties underneath, and the number is definately much larger than the Peco On track, and just a little less than the OO. So for the moment I'm leaning towards the 00 (anyhow, it will be buried deep in ballast and dirt). That would give me a much wider choice of turnouts and crossings too, plus it's available locally.


            OO "scale" is 1:76. I put scale in quotes because the track is the same as for 1:87 HO. Peco track is 16.5mm gauge - the sleeper spacing is not to any scale. Peco put the sleepers closer together to create an illusion of distance on a typically cramped UK layout.



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              Gooooood evenening...

              The details and "Junque" bug bit me hard tonight and I have painted up a couple of hundred detail parts.

              I am detailing some of my engines but now I need to ask a question that I should know[:-ashamed].

              My two 0-4-0 porters are next in line. Where did they keep fuel in a 0-4-0 porter? I would like to coal fire mine. Was there a box inside to store the coal, was delivered in burlap bags, buckets????? Or were they only wood fired? Need some help...



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                Speaking of JUNQUE ...

                what the heck would you do with this mess? [:-shake] [:-scared]

                Hmmmm ..... maybe ....

                Cardstock cab to check size ... actual cab now under construction. Actually, this one's getting pretty "beat up" in the builder's shop ... so may it's under destruction!

                "Hood" will be used for shape ... but seriously modified ... meanwhile, time for some [:-sleep]


                Chambers Gas & Oil -- structure build

                Quality craftsmanship with a sense of humor! []


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                  Good morning all .... coffee is on

                  We are finally warming up a bit (-4C) / 29F.

                  I didn't realize those warm temperatures existed.

                  Dallas: I am thinking you're second picture is GN15? Looks good ...

                  Well I had better catch up on the forum.

                  Have a great day.
                  Tom M.


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                    Good Morning All,

                    Dallas what a funky looking beastie... You know I might do an adventure there but probably not, then I would have to find track and other parts.

                    Cold day here in virginia, I am moving some track lights in the RR room so they actually light something other than the top of the valance. I got my Mt Albert Service facility in the mail yesterday serial number 2, so now I am wondering if I should keep it and get another or just build it and not worry about it. I don't collect to collect....

                    Well with the lights moved, I will be pulling the WYE out to work on, tune the track and switches so I can move on to scenicing.



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                      Good evening everyone,

                      I put some been in the fridge so help yourself.

                      Dallas, as Les has already stated, you are going to have one funky looking beast when you are done.

                      Today was are local NMRA kitbuster day today so I brought my Silver Plume Bakery to work on. Some discussion was had on what to build it as. Originally it was going to go in Clearwater beside the pool hall and Creedence Saloon, but the building overpowers the other two, so it looks like it will find a home in either Mara or Mosquito Flats. Looks like it will be another drinking establishment. Going to "borrow" some ideas from Troel's on making the tables and chairs for the interior.

                      Well time to check out the rest of the forum and continue working on the drinking establishment.

                      Have a great evening everybody.
                      Ron Newby

                      General Manager

                      Clearwater Valley Railway Co.



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                        Good morning folks, and mugs of strong coffee and danishes (it's sunday!) for all!

                        Got the lighthouse tower ready for painting last night, but must wait till tonight to get the painting done, as my old parents come over from Denmark to see our new house for the first time. Sun is shining, and mild day.

                        A fine day to all!
                        Troels Kirk

                        Näsum, Sweden


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                          Thanks for the coffee Troels!!! I will add a pile of bagels & fixings to the larder for all!

                          Snow & ice h ere this morning, with predictions of zero weather by the end of the week. Grrrrrr!

                          If I make it to the cabin, I hope I get snowed in! LOL! I have plenty of firewood & the electric company has been paid for the month.

                          All stay warm & drive carefully if you have to go out.

                          The Geezer


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                            Good morning gang,

                            Thanks for the coffee and danishes Troels. It's another cold one here in Ottawa, but at least there is a blue sky. I did manage to get a little more done on the Silver Plume Bakery kit last night and hopefully will manage to get a bit more done tonight.

                            Well time to refill the coffee mug and have a look over the forum, have a great day everyone.
                            Ron Newby

                            General Manager

                            Clearwater Valley Railway Co.



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                              Good morning all .. the coffee is great

                              We must of sent our cold weather to you folks in the east. Sorry ....

                              No parcels in the past weeks mail ... [:-cry]

                              Must catch up on the "Forum" .....

                              Have a great day ...
                              Tom M.


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                                Good Morning,

                                Another great day!

                                Happy modeling!