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    Is it going quarterly instead of bi-monthly? I saw something in a hobby shop the other day that suggested it might, however the sign was somewhat vague and may have been about another mag.


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    I heard it was going to become a quarterly magazine and who knows what will happen down the road. I'm sure once Bob and Irene decide to retire from the magazine business, the future of the Gazette might be that of a Fallen Flag.




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      My LHS also said the same thing. They received a note that it is going quarterly and that the price was going up.



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        Probably it is having a hard time getting decent articles. Lately I have found it getting thin. Other than Ferrell and Vail, who are getting old, there isn't much in the gazette anymore.

        The hobby magazines probably have turned authors off with their business practices. MR buys articles and buries them. RMC has to be hounded for your money. RMC and MR art departments whine that your pictures aren't of "good" enough quality. I hear the Gazette is a also slow payer also.

        Maybe the industry needs to examine itself.

        Then again when was the last good "web article". Maybe there aren't any authors.



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          IMO - NGSL Gazette is the best magizine on the market for my interest.

          There are a lot of good, small layouts out there to do articles on. As seen in this forum (not even a drop in the bucket)there is some wonderful modeling of locos, rolling stock, buildings available for articles.

          Bring back some old articles for us newbies. Trying to buy old Gazettes is like investing in fine art.

          I can only hope Narrow Gauge Short Line Gazette

          stays around for a few more years.
          Tom M.


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            I have to second TomM's comments. I really treasure each and every Gazette I have/get.
            -- KP --

            Life is to short to build all of the models I want to.


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              It kills me waiting two months for my NGSLG now a three month wait.... Good news is this forum still produces a ton of excellent information. Although none of use write like we are preparing an article for publication IMO the information in some of the threads is article worthy.



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                IMO the Gazette is the best model rail magazine that was ever produced and still is. The quality is high and I almost always find something of interest in every issue. I have every issue from vol.1 to present and wouldn't part with them. I have not heard of the magazine going quarterly but even if they do I will continue to support them. I buy MR now and then, and Craftsman pretty regular but MR has become a generic beginners book with the most uninteresting layout builds I have ever seen. Craftsman has had some good things in it as of late and is improving I think. Timber Times is good but very small issues and not much content. I buy the annuals for Narrow Gauge as well and they are quite good.

                On30 for many of us has become true narrow gauge modeling more than when it was introduced as simply O scale that runs on HO track and all the stupid blue and red trains etc. I think the magazines such as the Gazette and Craftsman and the On30 Annual are in large part responsible for this, by presenting articles and showing photos of what could be done to make these models viable and believable in a setting and creating layouts with the equipment instead of just toy train sets, and look at the nice stuff that has come about as a result. Publishing is a tough business and Bob has devoted his whole career to it and IMO the Gazette is the BEST!!


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                  I started subscribing to the Gazette Vol 1 #1 and have them all. It's the only magazine I still read.

                  I think the magazines are all suffering from internet competition. I rarely see anything in a magazine I am interested in that I haven't already seen on the internet.

                  Using Google images for research will turn up anything you need and it just keeps getting richer all the time.

                  I'll continue to subscribe to the Gazette as long as the Browns keep publishing it, but I could get along fine without it.


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                    I'm new to narrow gauge and just purchased a years subscription. Bob didn't indicate that the magazine is going quarterly. I just received my requested backdated copy with Jerry's amazing engine house. As I said, I'm new and its seems very interesting and thick in content. I'm amazed as the photography. The printing is head and shoulders above the competitors. I believe for every modeler taken on the last run, a great new one emerges over the horizon. I also enjoy On30 annual and its new authors.


                    "Hats off to the fallen ones"

                    Glad I subscribed!



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                      I still like print magazines and brick and mortar hobby shops. Easier to carry around on the road, information doesn"t disappear when a server goes down or a domain changes. Usually there is a more standardized format to a mag also. What is missing from the internet on the Model RR side is a site like Hyperscale, Modeling Madness or Aircraft Resource Center that exist for scale aircraft models. In many ways these have replaced my aircraft magazine purchases but there is still a severe lack of good reference material for specific aircraft, units or operations that is filled by the more detailed print mags.

                      As for Gazette going quarterly, I am disappointed for personal, selfish reasons. It is what started my interest in narrow gauge. It is what started me in building my own stuff. It is inspiration for projects. My other favorites are the ON30 annuals (just reading the new one now) and the Finescale Railroading annuals. These three publication series are the best out there in my opinion.

                      Just a few thoughts on a sunny Sunday in Scottsdale AZ,



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                        I posted the Gazette rumor on the FineScaleMiniatures Yahoo Group, got this reply:

                        "After the getting off the phone with Irene Brown I can state that the

                        rumor of the Gazette going quarterly is absolutely not true. The

                        subscription & per copy prices will be going up slightly to cover

                        increased printing & mailing costs.

                        Please let your friends on other forums & groups know that the rumor

                        of the Gazette going quarterly not accurate.


                        Ken Lunders"

                        So YIPPEE!


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                          Excellent news, Bob. Thanks for sharing this!


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                            [:-jump2]Thanks for the factual information Bob!id="brown">id="Comic Sans MS">


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                              Thanks for the info, Bob.

                              From the RR-Line random Quotes:

                              "A rumor without a leg to stand on will get around some other way."