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    FWIW, my 4-4-0 didn't like my existing loop of track, but for a different reason; it liked to drop the lead tender axle off where there were some dips in the track. I solved this by bending the drawbar down a bit so it would have more room to move. I bought it as the display model (pre-handled) so it may have gotten bent upward in the handling (but I saved a few bucks on it, so...). Outside of that, it's fine, and even the tight spots in the layout don't seem to bother it.


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      LVRR325 (Bill)

      Welcome aboard the 0N30 track ...

      I had to bend the draw bar down a bit like you did. When I get some time away from my Dunkirk build I will put the cow catcher back on and make the necessary adjustments.
      Tom M.