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  • Steam rail car

    Hi all. I'm new in this forum and i'm happy to present to you my little project in On30.

    I have started to build a steam railcar based on this prototype :

    I thought that it was a good idea to made a thing like this in On30.

    My model is realised on a bachmann combine car for the boddy base and a porter for the motor truck.

    The first stape was to creat a mechanism to fix the porter on the combine frame.

    I have made it in brass square rods and brass pipes :

    i also have replaced the original truck from bachmann by an On30 Grant-Line truck kit :

    I had to this truck electrical pick-up on each weels.

    The front of the frame have been cutted of and replaced by a stryrene scratchbuilt one :

    The bumper is from an optional part of a 280 bachmann not used, nut and air hose are Grant-Line product's.A kadee N°5 replace the Bmann coupler :

    The body clip have been rebuilt in styrene for the forward of the body:

    To be continued ...
    My layout Here:

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    Welcome to the Forum and our little 0N30 group.

    Your steam car project is excellent. Thanks for sharing the construction steps with lots of pictures. I'll be following along with your progess.
    Tom M.


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      Welcome to the forum, very interesting project you have for your first post.

      What a great job engineering a solution to attach the porter mechanism and to allow it to swivel.


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        Thank's [:-basketball]!!

        The frame have been fited wiht two air tanks scratchbuilt with an evergreen 1/4" styrene pipe. The supporting pieces are in styrene card and stips.

        A brass rod have been solded a the farward end of the air tank's to represent suplying pipes :

        A kadee N° 5 is placed at the rear end of the car :

        to be continued ...
        My layout Here:


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          Great looking scratchbuild project. You have done an outstanding job to the frame already. And, welcome to the Forum!

          Louis L&R Western Railroad
          Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


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            Bubule - great engineering and craftsmanship!!! Welcome to the forum......



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              Welcome here too. Wow! What a great project! Looks very interesting. I am eager to see the latest development.



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                thank's again !!

                For the electrical wirering i have chosen to use a soundtraxx tsunami 1000 DCC sound decoder.

                the ref is the one for small steam engine :


                To dispatch the different wires i have fixed on the enclosure of the Hp a little test electronic plate. In the center an 8 pin jack receive the decoder wires exepted the two Hp puple wires fited with theyre own 2 pin micro-connectors. On one side of the plate comes a 4 pins conector to dispatch electrical pick-up and motors supply to the engine truck. On the other side another 4 pins connector dispatch the decoder outputs for head light , interior lighting and marker lights.

                All this function are distpached from another electronic test plate witch is also fited with protection diodes and microbulb's resistors and yelox diodes for interior lighting.This plate take place inside the roof of the boddy.

                A plastic card hide this electronic plate from the window's view. DEL pannel fixation pieces are used for the cosmetic's apearance ( not english but you will understand what i would like to tell you ! ) .

                Some pictures are better than a big text so :

                The first plate :

                The opened car :

                to be continued ...
                My layout Here:




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                  Now let's work on the body !

                  The front side of the combine have been cutted of. I replaced it with a styrene scratchbuilt cab. I used o scale coach side from evergreen.

                  The problem is that spaces betwin two boards is not exactly the same than the B-man one. But my model is issue from the later modification of a combine so it's not a big problem.

                  The windows have been fitted with strip on theyre sides.

                  Some cab view :

                  For the water feeding some friend tell to me that the solution was to create a pair of opening pannels on the roof. So you can do it with a classic steam water-tank.

                  This panel have been scratchbuilt with styrene sheet, brass rod and brass round rivets.

                  On the side you can see last rung of side-ladder.

                  This ladder is made with brass rods and holed nut from Grant-Line.

                  I also have made a step with styrene and nut.

                  On the bottom side of the body i had strengthening pieces for the bolters rollers.

                  It's made with a styrene corner modified :

                  To be continued ...
                  My layout Here:




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                    For the exaust pipe i wanted to represent the top of the vertical boiler.

                    Difficult for me to explain the way i used to make it in english ... so a photo of a disc of styrene mounted on a micro drill photo is better :

                    The scratchbuilt chemney is the piece of the model that i'm the prouder :

                    the side of the complete model :

                    You can see here how i have instaled the healight

                    and it's support piece. The light is from the poor destroyed porter used for this project.

                    It will also give it's bell. (not shown i have to built the support on the front of the railcar).

                    And finaly test on a friend module video's:

                    This module have been made by Bernard FABRON. It was a part of the On30 layout presented By Frederic TESTARD on another post on this forum on Rail Expo in france.



                    That all for the moment. I have to finish the body : putty, bell support... I also have to built the interior of the cab and the passenger places and to prime, paint and wheather the railcar.

                    Lot's of work to come so !

                    I will post more views when it will be done.

                    See you soon !

                    My layout Here:




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                      Excellent build! What is your name by the way?



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                        My name is Jean-Francois.
                        My layout Here:




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                          Great job Jean.. looking forward to more!



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                            Youtube video ... impressive

                            Tom M.


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                              Fabulous build and a great video to go along with it. I look forward to seeing your finished steam car in the near future.