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    Since the lounge was opened early this morning I guess i missed everybody, donuts all gone, coffee cold, oh well,,,,,Hey guys am wondering about the level of activity in the scales these days, or the most popular as far as new offerings etc. I have been gone from the hobby now for about 5yrs and thinking of constructing a small layout but undecided about scale. Was in Sn3 back many years ago and then in On30 for a good while, nice and I enjoyed it but it sucked up a lot of real estate fast with O structures etc.

    I was thinking Hon3 but discovered after posting unanswered questions and seeing the lounge after 5 yrs only has 18 pages maybe there is not much activity in that scale anymore? I guess the next logical step would be ho std. but need to give it some thought as narrow gauge has always been my thing.

    Maybe Sn3 again?? Well nice to drop in again and see some of the same faces I used to know........Jerry


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      Jerry, welcome.

      Not sure how you got on this thread, but, join us on the general Crew Lounge and you should find all the 'usual suspects ' from all around the forum.
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