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  • Rick's Google Tip

    As most of us know, the forum's search engine can perform only basic searches, which isn't very useful when trying to find specific infomation in a multi-page thread, such as the "Finescale Modeling General Discussion" thread (89 pages now) or the "Railroad Camp Construction" thread (62 pages). The best it can do is identify the topic, but not give you the actual page number.

    Today Rick posted an excellent tip for using Google to ID the specific topic and page #. It's simple, and it's a whole lot faster than using the forum's search engine.

    ...try using Google instead of the forums search feature. Click on the advanced search link and you can enter the forums url in the text box next to"blue">

    I tried it twice using specific keywords and the forum's URL ( and it gave me the exact answer in only a few seconds both times.

    Thanks, Rick! That's one of the best tips we've had in a long time! :up: :up:

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    Great tip! I need to try to remember that one.



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      Maybe we can make this tip a sticky. Thanks again Rick.


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        GREAT TIP!!!id="size6">id="purple">


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          I am no computer wizard by any means, but could the google search option be added to the Forum page right after "Search" but before "Statistics"?


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            That's a great tip Rick. I tried it on a travel bulletin board I frequently look at and it overwhelmed me with hits.

            With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.


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              Thanks again Rick!


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                Rick, You got my curiosity up, so i started looking into other search tips on Google.

                What the Advanced search is actually doing is using this format in the search box:


                So, if you were searching for watchworks on our forum, you could simply type on the google search bar itself as: WATCHWORKS

                There is a tool that can be used to add this google search feature, free of charge, to any NON-COMMERCIAL site.

                The code to be inserted to do this for the forum would be:


                The parms at the end are &b=Show the submit button; &l=Show the Google logo; and &y=Search your site only (vs. Web and your site). So you can customize it as you wish. Additional info about this can be found at:

                I only minimally experimented with this, so I can't say if there would be any issues, etc...

                But it seemed to work perfectly in a little html I set up myself.

                So if it cannot be added to the forum, you could build a small html file using this code and place it on your desktop. Everytime you wanted to search the forum, just click and type your search criteria.

                Fun stuff. Let us know if anybody comes up with other search tips.


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                  Thanks, Mike. I'll pass this on to Joe. Maybe he can add it to the forum software.


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                    Hi guys... Ill look into it !!!



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                      Sounds like a great idea to me - I hope it works.

                      ps - as an aside: those of you who pay attention to me know that last weekend I went on a church retreat. It was a small group of 12 men. Of the 12 men 6 of us were named Joe and 4 of the 6 Joes, including myself, have gotees. Go figure! The running joke was "has anyone seen Joe?".


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                        Great tip, Will use this from time to time

                        id="size6">Thank you id="size6"> :up: :up:


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                          Great tip. Google has also recently added a Video search tool. I just finished a 59 hour work week so haven't scoped it out yet, but I plan to! It should prove very fruitful for train vids, I hope! Todd


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                            Its an old post, but it still works Great!!!!


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                              I have posted this before.

                              My Google tool bar allows me to search the "Current Site".

                              If you have this tool bar installed, it is really easy. Type in your query.

                              Beside the coloured word "Google" there is a "G" in a black box.

                              To the right of this is a down arrow. Click on this and a menu drops down. Lo and behold, "Current Site" Click on this.