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  • New layout idea

    Here is an idea I have for a small layout. The basic ideas is a 4X8 with staging off of one of the 4' sides.

    I like the look of the big tree logging but want a mining railroad so I have decided to merge the two. This line exists to serve the mine at the end of the line as well as a furniture factory located in the valley below the mine. There is an interchange where loaded ore cars are shipped to another location on another railroad and where emptys are returned for use at the mine.

    The factory will require flat cars of lumber and boxcars for completed furniture. I want to bash a small combination flatcar and passenger car for running miners up to the mine.

    Locos will be a 4-4-0 inside frame, a Forney which will run backwards up the hill with the train coupled to the front end, a Porter and a yet un-purchased Shay.

    I picture large trees and much undergrowth where there is not track. Around the mine there will be many dead trees, from the mining environmental effects, and rather shear cliffs.

    The mine itself will be located such that there is room for 3 ore cars past the mine and one loco will have to stay with the train to push it past the mine as each ore car is filled.

    On the switch back, I picture the track running along a river with the tail of the track built on a trestle over that river. High terrain is on the other side so the only place the railroad could build is on that trestle or settle for a shorter switching lead.

    I will have a slight grade, 2% or less, from the start of the U shaped curve up to the mine. This is just to provide a slight indication of climbing a hill. I plan on making it look much more steep by using the surrounding terrain to complement this climb. The trees between the mine and the U shaped curve are to hide the relative shallowness of this grade.

    Comments are welcome, to help me visualize things there are scale boxes on the plan for the intended rolling stock and locos.

    Thanks for looking,

    James Nichols

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    If you turn your switching lead on trestle toward/through the backdrop it could provide staging on an upper level representing logging or mining further down the line. Connect your runaround to the track to staging rather than the siding to the furniture factory -- you can make the runaround longer that way.

    Bill Uffelman

    Las Vegas NV


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      I like the concept. Using one end of the 4x8 for a 180 degree curve really adds to future extension and operation possibilities while leaving you lots to do in the present.


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        Great diagram, what pogram did you use?


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          To expand on Bill's good idea, may I suggest this:

          I added a wye so you can have turnaround without using the 0-5-0 which can get real tiresome.

          The end of the wye that extends into the mountain side could be concealed by a mountain that is on the backdrop.

          With your 2% grade from staging to switching lead looping back over, you should have between 6 and 8 inches worth of elevation separating both interchanges on the staging aspect.

          Just some thoughts..



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            Thanks for the comments everyone. I drew the track plan using Empire Express for Mac. The plan was imported to Photoshop Elements where I added the background color and the text.

            I like the idea of having the switching lead carry over into staging over the other staging. I might play with this. I don't feel I need a wye as I don't plan on turning the locos at any point. What bothers me more is having the train below the loco on the hill. I only put up with this as I want to have the switchback. Everything is give and take.

            I tried to keep the track to a minimum to allow for scenery and I am still a little unsure how big a building is in O scale. Until I build something it is all just numbers. Twice the size of HO sounds like it isn't that much but 4 times the volume is suddenly rather large. After I scale up some drawings from back issues of the Gazette or the FineScale Railroader specials I am going to build some structures out of cardstock to get this visualization.

            On another topic I just picked up an NCE Power Cab from Caboose Hobby in Denver. I can't wait to get home and hook it up. Stuck on the road until Thursday so maybe Friday I can play.


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              Nice plan, James - and some good suggestions to make it better.

              Here's an idea to consider as well...I would also be bugged by having the train below the lokie. Also, space for an engine house is goldarn tight. What if you moved the bottom loop away from the layout edge 4 inches or so. You lose 8" of running room, but could put the enginehouse on the space created at the lower left, with more room to breathe. You could also put the spur to the mine /log loading on a steep grade so it climbs over the main. This would at least give you some run with the loco below the cars, and would give an interesting vertical separation to have some fun with the scenery.


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                To follow up on an earlier comment use a right hand or wye turnout where it says Loco Service to create the runaround. if you want to have a turnig wye as shown in the revised drawing use a Left hand turnout facing the new turnout.

                Bill Uffelman

                Las Vegas NV