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"down along the Gauley River"

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  • "down along the Gauley River"

    I've been busy relaying the old Atlas code 100 to handlaid code 83 and code 70 rail and building my turnouts using the free templates made available from "Fast Tracks". (thanks Fast Tracks!)

    Here are a couple of shots of some rough cut ties I'm using on my logging branch.

    As you can see, I'm using regular ties in order to set the gauge and then I'll attempt to spike the roughcut ties with my tiny spikes.

    I'm using dried "Lantana" plants, as they have woody stems.

    Here's a close up of a single tie that has been sanded down even with the regular wood ties.

    Finally, here is a shot of my turnout control....the caboose industries seem to route power through the points for present...I will be install contacts for routing power to the frog.....tom

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    Outstanding! The handlaid track and choice of ties is perfect for the logging branch.

    Peter [:-kitty]



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      Looks good, Tom. I wonder if a person could carve up the regular ties some so they didn't stand out quite as much?



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        you're right Jim...I've got to get in there and really do a really good weathering job on the mill cut ties....just need to wait until the glue dries.....tom


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          That's a really neat idea Tom (natural ties)...When I get started, I might consider trying that.

          Thanks for sharing the progress with us. Geezer


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            I like it, I look forward to seeing your progress.

            If you are only using the fast tracks templates how are you building the switches without a jig?



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              1.I size the templates to correct scale/gauge on my printer.

              2.Then I tape the template to a flat board

              3. I glue the pc ties to the template with rubber cement.

              4. working from the top of the ties, I file the frog point and solder it to the pc ties

              5. I lay out the stock/running rails filing them at the point position, again laying them over the template and soldering in place'

              6. I lay out the point rails and solder

              7. I finish up with the guard rails.

              Its the same as using the jigs, but you work top side up.

              All that said, I believe the FAST TRACKS jigs are a superior product and produce exact turnouts. (I have been building turnouts for a long time in both HO and On3, so I can work pretty fast.)

              As a matter of fact, all my code 70 turnouts were regauged from my old On3 logging layout...I just move the rails in 3" on the stock rails.....tom


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                Tom S.

                All I can say I am impressed ... :up:
                Tom M.


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                  Really neat work and I know it will show up well when finished. I do the same thing, with paper templates, both on the workbench and in place. Inplace I use a matt medium to glue the template down to construct directly, use for wood ties or put the fast track switches in place.



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                    In between breaks in the VT vs Virginia game (go hokies, ACC Coastal Conference champs!) I was able to continue working on the junction of the little Panther Creek Coal and Timber Co. and the Gauley River Rwy. mainline to Summersville.

                    Here's where the PCC&T line comes off the GRR.

                    There will be room for a small yard here at the junction...just enough room to keep the Backwood Miniature Log Loader and small extra log buggies. There is also room for a small supply shed.

                    And finally, here is the logging branch heading out to the woods.....


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                      After some football and dinner I was able to get the first rail spiked into the PCC&T is climax #2 working its way off the GRR main and into the junction....

                      Download Attachment: pcc&t2.jpg
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                      Download Attachment: pcc&t1.jpg
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                        Layout is looking good Tom.

                        Bill Uffelman

                        Las Vegas NV


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                          Great stuff here Tom, looking great!!


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                            oh yeah! Looks great!



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                              Looking great, I really like the uneven ties and the wide spacing. Makes it look real back woodsy.
                              Ron Newby

                              General Manager

                              Clearwater Valley Railway Co.