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  • Wot's on the workbench?

    In the lounge I was asked for piccies of my latest mangling, so I thought this would be a good place to show what's on the kitchen table....

    1) The new 4-4-0 undergoing new livery.

    2)the first 4-4-0 with Mogul drivers

    3)The scratchbuilt side tank with improved tanks

    4) Porter with a modified Forney Cab and new Bunker

    5) Another view of the Porter

    Aye,Aye, that's yer lot!

    Download Attachment: OF-4-4-0.jpg
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    Download Attachment: Hornby-0-4-0-bash---New-side-tanks.jpg
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    Download Attachment: Porter-with-Forney-Cab.jpg
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    I like that 4-4-0 with the Mogul drivers. Did you do the conversion? Any problems? Maybe do a short tutorial on it?

    Nice stuff there.
    Dave Mason


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      Hi David,

      Nice work on the locos. I wish I had even half the number of lokies that you are showning.


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        Hi David --

        Neat stuff ... you've done a great job of creating a varied roster while using common elements to create a "family look" to the fleet.

        I like the revised tanks on #30 ... that's a radical departure from the original donor loco and a great job of building custom equipment. Glad to see the parts mangled in such a creative fashion! [:-captain]

        It's that time of year when "train work" really interferes with "train play" here ... so, bits of inspiration are greatly appreciated. Really itching to wrap up a couple of my own personal projects. :crazy:

        Meanwhile, I'll enjoy seeing what's on the other workbenches out there ... (I believe that David intends this as an open topic, so post away folks!)


        Chambers Gas & Oil -- structure build

        Quality craftsmanship with a sense of humor! []


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          Originally posted by dallas_m

          (I believe that David intends this as an open topic, so post away folks!)

          Fast Tracks fixtures

          Unseasonably cold weather closed the paint shop and stopped progress on a Cache Creek caboose. I switched over to building turnouts. A #4 wye and a RH#6 will allow me to extend the railhead quite a ways on my layout.



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              Good show David!!! Nice roster you have going there.....

              Somebody shoot Mark!!! He must be miserable having to work in that cluttered environment!!!

              (Just kiddin Mark - very nice work area...Mine looks like an explosion in a spaghetti factory!)



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                Some fine looking locomotive you bashed.

                I agree with Geezer, I have about 10 different partly started projects scattered across my desk right now.



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                  David, some nice looking models. Like the paint/striping as it gives them a family look.
                  Scott, from the wilds of Carroll County, Ohio


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                    Originally posted by BigLars

                    , I have about 10 different partly started projects scattered across my desk right now.


                    The six ongoing projects are behind my desk, sitting in boxes up on the benchwork.

                    A tip I picked up from the Rensselaer Model RR club site ... I bring home cardboard flats when I see them at work. When I switch projects at the work bench I just shovel everything into a box, then find the box containing the next project I want to work on, and dump it out on the bench.

                    Before long, I will have to find another place to sit my project boxes, because the track crews are closing in on this area. :up:



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                      Here is what I am working on;




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                        And with one wild sweep of his arm, the kitchen table gives way for a new build......

                        Yup, backwoods Miniatures' Porter conversion kit arrived today.

                        decision time.....

                        which of my 4 porters gets to receive the conversion.

                        Wife and I couldn't agree as all 4 porters are already different from the Bachmann originals, so a new one is in the offing, provided my LHS has one in - luckily there's also a Local RR clubs annual 3 day show on this weekend, so I may well be able to get one there if all else fails.

                        A couple of hours work tonight and here's where we are....

                        I chose to use the cast domes in preference to the resin domes as they add quite a bit of weight to the assembly. The pilot and rear beams will also add further weight.

                        Still to add are the air pump and cylinder,and regulator( presumably that bit goes on the backhead?)whistle and pop-valve and a tiny cylinder of some sort [ the tiny bit just below and too the left of the Headlamp.

                        Dunno about the bucket and the two tool boxes and I need to raid the Grandtline box for a bell.

                        Right, I'm off for a slug of jamesons whisky and then bed!

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                          David - you are a lucky buggar!!! I can't get a reply from Pete....Guess I just have to keep bugging him!

                          LQQkin good!!!



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                            Very nice.


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                              David....looking forward to seeing what you come up with...tom