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  • help please....

    I need help. I have a K line plymouth switcher 3 rail O gauge engine. I want to change the motor (AC) to DC.

    I am going to be able to narrow the wheels to 30". or maybe build new frame to fit the die cast body. any thoughts??????

    maybe I oppened a large can of worms here with this conversion. just a 89.00 loss oh!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Maybe better to remotor and rewheel to 1.25" gauge or P:48 SG with NWSL .110 profile wheelsets to switch the dual gauge yard. It is a BIG loco for On30. With .110 wheels you can run on track built to NMRA HO standards.

    Bill Uffelman

    Las Vegas NV


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      I second Bill's comment, that is a BIG engine for On30. Typically, most modelers choose to use an HO-based loco and 'bash it up' to O scale. Your approach 'bashing it down' to narrow gauge may require more work. But hobbies are the one place where we can do what we want to do, they way we want to do it!

      I would suggest also a new chassis and gearing suitable for fine scale rails.


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        I would bet that your K-Line switcher has a DC motor already. I have taken apart the K-Line 3 rail porter and it is a DC motor. The reversing board inside the unit makes the change from ac to dc.

        Only problem I see off the bat is that the 3 rail stuff typically has no insulation between the wheels. as the outer rails are one pole, and the center rail is the other.