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Paint Primer for Plastic and Resin Kits

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    Mr. Surfacer is the best primer I know of for resin.

    It also is one of the best primers available.

    Its hard to find (you wont find it at Home Depot or Wall-Mart)

    Worth every penny.



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      I googled Mr Surfacer & the price is not too shabby! You have a choice of grits too - 500 or 1000. I will be trying some of that!! Geezer


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        Looks like you are getting some valuable information, you will find a technique that you are comfortable with, some times the process of getting there is important but in reality its how it looks at the end. I will continue to push fellow modelers to look at the real stuff, take pictures, test and try new techniques. Why would anybody use sea salt...and yet its a great technique. I can say I have tried a few techniques not noted here yet...crackle paint, its one of the few craft like paints I tried.



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          Les and the gang,

          I am getting a lot from this post and I hope others find it valuable. Some of the info I already knew and some I could have received by private email .... I like to post topics (questions) so we all can share.
          Tom M.


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            I had mentioned my one foray into the craft paint world, not because I can, because my wife has hundreds of bottles craft paint here. The one item we tested and I found several uses for it..

            This test illustrated two different methods of application brush and sponge.

            So how would one use it in our world...well side walks, paved road, it would be really good in mud hole or dried dirt area, and house or building. And looking at it now..maybe even tree trunks.



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              I have used crackle on buildings but not on railcars " yet "
              Tom M.


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                LOL - Good move Les & Tom! I have used the crackle finish of fishing lures, specially the old Pfluegers.

                I have quite a collection of lures and near mint reels with all the extras. Prolly go on GreedBay this winter.

                The crackle paint works good.....I think it would be good on trees too.