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  • San Juan Car Co. - Stock Car

    Some time ago I purchased a SJCC Stock Car kit.

    I just found it safely stored away .. [^]

    I am wondering how to prime and paint it to get that dirty black / brown look. If you have built one of these kits, any construction tips

    would be appreciated.
    Tom M.

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    A goodlooking car! I haven't built it, but usually just give raw plastic a thorough wash, then a dark grey or black primer, followed by simple stippling with a stiff bristle brush dipped alternatingly in different hobby acrylics (I love the matte FolkArt brand), without cleaning the brush between colors. In this case black, raw and burnt umber, bluish payne's grey and off white should do the trick.
    Troels Kirk

    Näsum, Sweden


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      Good advice Troels - Plastic, I assemble the main parts after washing them, and then apply primer/weathering. Wood models - I paint or stain everything first. This way, the color shows through any adhesive you apply on the wood models. JMO - Geezer

      That's a nice kit - I just missed one on EBay.


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        Do you mean like this?

        The short boards were painted with "earth" floquil, the long ones were done with a basic gray.

        All the boards were pre-grained with a wire pencil.

        I used black, white, raw sienna, burnt and raw umber, a 18/0 brush and also a 1/4" wide brush, both were red sable.

        Using the colors and making a mixture of various grays I streaked the boards.

        I did use the color blobs like Marc indicated, not because I knew though...

        Then using the wide brush dry I blended the colors.

        The knots were done with a "dot" of black or burnt umber and then (very lightly with the wide brush)

        streaking them up and down to resemble a real knot.

        The dark stains were done by painting on black at the ends and dry streaking the color up.



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          Nice work Marty!!!!



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            Thanks for the pictures ... the wood (plastic) looks great .....
            Tom M.


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              I saw that in another thread, I think that treatment is fantastic! Marty, by Marc, I assume you mean the one and only Marc Reusser. I sure hope we'll see him back here someday. He is a big inspiration.



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                Thanks guys,

                Yes Marc Reusser, the one and only.

                For more of his work go to the finescalerr forum.