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    Ooops, the donor loco photo got lost, try this ....

    Download Attachment: Hornby-Donor.jpg
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      Nice, do you plan on making it a tank locomotive or are you going to add a tender?


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        Now here's the quandary......

        Over in the lounge, I raised the problem with the boiler and how it had forced a change of plans.

        I'm still undecided as to whether to convert it to a 0-4-2 side tank with a fuel bunker - that would mean a new deck; or keep it as 0-4-0 side tank with a small tender for the fuel - the excuse being that the cab was a modification for the comfort of the crews, but it meant the loss of the original fuel bunker.

        Decisions, decisions!


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          only down side is the scale 500mph speed you get out of the chassis, but once on dcc they calm down abit


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            I just started to look at your project. Nice work and effort, I think you are heading dow the right road. I would, if I were wacking and hacking put side square water tanks, with piping and fills, and a fuel bunker on that back. The side tanks will resolve a whole host of problems, design wise. I also when I was doing my 2662T conversions, I used the porter cab. I might suggest you lower this cab a bit to break up that line, and it will add interest, if you have room to do it. Just a thought.


            Baron of Junk...Railbaron #15


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              Interesting project ... looking fwd to see where this one goes
              Tom M.


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                Interesting project I will be watching closely.

                I have a question did you turn down the wheel flanges or are the newer Hornby flanges smaller?



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                  hornby have smaller wheel flanges now (thank god)

                  IMO if i did something like this i would have gone with the ex dapol pug chassis


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                    What is an "ex dapol pug chassis "?
                    Tom M.


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                      much smaller then the hornby 0-4-0 and ive got mine running very slowly if needs be


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                        Nice little loco .... are they still available?
                        Tom M.


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                          yup, now under hornby


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                            Big Lars,

                            Did nothing to the flanges - all my track is Code 100, so not a real problem anyway.

                            Andykins, I have already done one bash using a pug and another on a Smokey Joe.

                            This time I wanted something a bit bigger.

                            made some more progress as seen in the shots below.

                            Decided it definitely needed a bunker, so the original cab had to go.

                            So a new deck, find the un-bashed Forney cab ( I'll look for the doors when we get back from Dublin).

                            Chopped up a brand new EDM tender and went a bit wild with the B & D - hence the repair job!

                            Looked out a spare pony truck from some Bachmann Loco and tacked that on.

                            Side tanks are only formers at the present.

                            God, the Internet is slow tonight!

                            Download Attachment: DSC_2359_web.jpg
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                            Download Attachment: DSC_2360_web.jpg
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                            Download Attachment: DSC_2361_web.jpg
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                              Hmmm, this thing is getting to be like Topsy :erm:

                              Took a break while we went to Dublin for a long weekend and when I got back last night, it occured to me that the pilot deck was on the small side. So I extended it; so far so good, but a second look showed too much open space in front of the cylinders now[:-irked], a quick trawl through the bachmann green boxes provided a leading truck and now it is a 2-4-2 [:-slaphappy]