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  • Pleased to be joining with Railroad Lines Forum

    The Canadian Association of Railway Modellers is happy to be partnering with Railroad Lines Forum. We will be urging all of members to join and participate.

    John Johnston

    Chair, Canadian Association of Railway Modellers
    John Johnston

    Grand Trunk Southern

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    Welcome to all of you John, enjoy!!


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      Welcome fellow Canadians..!

      -Cody from Canada


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        Oh no more Canadians...

        Welcome from a frost bitten Canadian boy now living in the sunny south.

        Looking forward to seeing some models to remind me of watching trains as a youth.



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          Welcome aboard to all of our Canadian friends and model railroaders.

          Peter [:-kitty]


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            Well John,

            I guess it was inevitable.

            I didn't expect it so soon, I logged on today to find your note that the CARM forum had closed. I was very surprised to say the least.

            Oh well, we now have a new home here and from what I've seen so far, these guys are pretty good and they are very friendly. I've been here now for about a week and I have enjoyed every minute.

            Growing Old is Mandatory
            .... Growing up is optional!


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              Welcome CARM members. We're glad you've chosen us to be your new internet 'home.' At the same time, please feel free to join in the larger range of discussions here on Railroad-Line.


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                Welcome aboard fellow Canadians!!! Your in good company here. I can tell you that from some of the threads on here from over the years, we have seen what some of you guys have to offer and I must say I'm jealous! Some fantastic layouts and extremely talented modelers up there 'north of the border'. I've already enjoyed seeing John's layout pics and exchanging views on operations in the Operations thread. I look foward to hearing and seeing more!


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                  Same here Ralph went online this morning and no more forum. So I emailed John, and here I am. Hope this works



                  Nation Capital Chapter


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                    Hi Gary, I think you will find this a great home for us. There are many excellent modellers and a great number of informative threads.
                    John Johnston

                    Grand Trunk Southern


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                      Looking forward to putting my 2 (Canadian) Cents worth in and around this forum.
                      paris junction

                      CN Mile 30.73 Dundas Sub

                      Paris, ON



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                        As a South-of-the-Border CARM member, I'll add "Welcome aboard, folks!" Your participation will certainly improve the CARM-a around here!

                        [sorry, I couldn't resist :erm: ]

                        There are some incredibly talented folks from all over the world on these forums; I'm sure that you'll enjoy the ride!


                        in Michigan


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                          Lots of fellowship, advice and great modelling here!

                          As I mentioned to John Johnston at the Ancaster (Ontario) rr show, you will enjoy it!