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"swamp rat" sold to West Lbr. Co.

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  • "swamp rat" sold to West Lbr. Co.

    Here are the final shots of my old Bachmann HO scale WM consol that was converted to On30 last year. I'm in the process of finishing things up and this little baby has been sitting on a shelf.

    I installed the crew, finished off detailing the running boards with the requires tools, boxes and an old ESSO lube can (that was found on a lot of WV loco's), installed the bell and whistle cords and decaled it up for #7 of the newly formed West Lumber Co. operating in the Richwood area of WVa. She still has the LC Sound mod I installed in her HO days and she runs well. She's ready to earn her keep hauling logs to the mill.....tom

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    Ah Mr Tom,

    Mighty nice if I don't say so, you have done well and should be proud to show her off. Its nice to finish them up huh. I have my Bman 2-6-0 with plow and beartrap to install sound in, thats up next, then the Mighty Max...gotta finish them up before I can start on anything else.

    Job well done, congrats on a nice looking engine.



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      Did I miss the how to thread on this? What a great conversion! I bet more than one of us have one of these sitting in a black box that we wish could have been in a green box.



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        Nicely done Tom! :up:



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          Nice work on the loco, Tom. The HO drivers must have been huge, since they are still fairly large in O scale.

          Nice log loader behind the loco.


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            thanks for the nice comments guys, I appreciate them.

            Larry, I do have a thread back there (I believe in the On30 forum) entitled "Swamp Rat". Take a look as it shows the transformation pretty well. Your right, this was a great "re-use" of my Bachmann WM connie! [^]

            Frederic, I did a quick check on the driver size and the HO connie had 72" drivers. That is what made the decision to cut up the engine a lot easier. (it still has a lot more "spokes" than I'd like, but it worked out fine).

            The loader behind is a Surry Parker loader, the kit coming from Tom Yorke back in the 80's. The guts, boiler and winch came from CHB.....tom


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              Slow down! You're making the rest of us look like a bunch of slackers!