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  • Backdrops

    I was looking on Backdrop Warehouse website and they can kick you over to an on line store where they offer 14" x 34" scenes -- three sequential sections get you almost 9' of backdrop. Two compatible sets get almost 18' for $72

    I'm looking at 156A (a through c) and 156B (a through c) to make the back drop for the shelf line.

    As the foreground scenery will rise to meeet the printed scenes I figure I can get about 24" of back drop height -- just about right for a shelf line that has a 48" plus water level.

    Has anyone seen these in use? What do you think about the concept? My prior backdrops have been blue sky and tall rockwork with a cloud or two.

    Bill Uffelman

    Las Vegas NV

  • #2
    I goofed it should be the MT 200A and MT 200B series -- trouple with looking at thumbnail photos.

    Bill Uffelman