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  • On30 machine shop

    I started building this machine shop on July 18. It is build board by board and batten by batten from a combination of Northeastern scale lumber and Midwest lumber. I am not going to start off by posting a whole bunch of pictures (whatever a whole bunch is?) but I am starting with overview shots and working down to the detail shots. The build is still very much a work-in-progress but I figured it would be better to start now and hopefully keep the thread going until I finish the shop.

    As some may recall, I had an HO scale shop on the now abandoned HO layout. Most of all the HO tools and machines have been modified and resurrected in this shop.

    The HO shop from days past.

    Now, the front view of the new shop.

    Back view.

    And a recent addition. I am not sure yet what the addition will house, perhaps a wheel repair area.

    Some of the features in the building are all the doors operate, except for the small entry door on the front (though this may change), the door to the foreman's office and the restroom door. (I'm sure this has the little people doing that funny dance outside the door).

    All the windows, that are intended to be opening, also work.

    And a teaser shot.

    I still have a long way to go with this, weathering, cluttering up, etc. In real life cluttering up a shop has always seemed so simple, in O scale it takes a long time.

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    Very nice shop you have there!

    Have fun junking it up.


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      Very impressive work and the details look just wonderful.

      Peter [:-kitty]


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        Terrell, the first shop was very nice, with lots of realistic details. No doubt that in O scale you'll be able to make an even more convincing model. But it's true that such a project seems to be eating detail parts as a black hole.


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          Thanks, guys!

          Frederic, you're right about that black hole.

          Bear with me, I will get to the interior details, but for now, something I am very proud of. Not for the craftsmanship, but the fact they both work. A first for me on this style of door and window.




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            Beautiful, Terrell! Nice design.


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              Wonderful door, Terrell. The open view shows a very realistic profile.


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                Thanks, Frederic. I think maybe the door is a little too thick. But it was my third attempt. :erm: And I wanted to make it work.

                Chuck, I have to admit I've been following your work and hopefully a small percentage of what I've learned will show through as I move along.


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                  Excellent work Terrel, the opening doors and windows really add another dimension, especially for photo ops, and I am sure they weren't easy to do.

                  As Frederic and any larger scaler will attest "details disappear!" you think you have a box full then.......

                  The board on batton looks great with the colour variation, no mistaking the individual boards on this construction, I'll be looking forward to seeing the interior.



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                    A small factoid about the shop: One of the reasons I got so anal about opening doors and windows.

                    A few weeks ago my 7 year old grandson pretty much spent the week with us. While I was working on the shop, he was playing with the shop (some tense moments, indeed, but we made it through). While studying the interior details, and opening and closing doors, he would ask if this window/door opened (he always asked first) or was glued in. When I said it was glued in, he'd move on. But eventually asked " Why don't you make all your doors open"?

                    What could I do? He challenged me!

                    I just hope the next time he comes over he doesn't ask, "how do you turn on the machines?"

                    Thanks, Karl. I was typing while you posted.


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                      Great looking work Terrell, and about the machines, they look so real I'm sure your grandson assumes they do run, even I would think they did.

                      Louis L&R Western Railroad
                      Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


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                        i have always been impressed with fred's work. in any scale, he's one of the best i've ever had the privilege of witnessing and an inspirational cheerleader on this forum and others ... a real credit to the art and a pretty nice fella to boot.

                        wonderful! [:-sing]



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                          Thanks Louis and bfishma,

                          Now I hope I can live up to the expectations!



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                            Nice work on the O scale project.

                            Luv the first photo.

                            Did you use HO figures. ??...[:-smile_green]

                            regards Mario
                            " Stay Motivated in Life "



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                              Nice work, especially on the working windows and doors! Where do you get the O scale machines? I'm working on (well doing some heavy thinking) an enginehouse and might want a machine shop addition to it.

                              And your fine model is actually in O scale, and not On30 gauge!