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    Wow. Frederic, that is outstanding!



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      Russ, thanks for the comments. Here is another view of the work goose, during its trip between the Bush & Bernie* and the Alexandria.

      * : a joke about the surname and first name of my sister in law.


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        Bill, the highline fills a 14'8" long wall. I have been quite busy today, and I'll be away from home for a week but when I come back, I'll draw a plan showing the current state of this line. Chris, you'll be able then to compare this plan to the new one and see the planned additions and modifications.

        The additions to the highline will consist in a ten stamp mill (I purchased the various necessary parts from Western Scale Models many years ago and plan to use John Hitzeman's article about his prize winning stamp mill as well as his series about the building of such a model - plus the many other articles showing such mills in the gazette - to make a detailed model) and an engine shed, near the relocated turntable. The "mountain room" will also feature the Vance Junction diorama which I am currently building - or more precisely : which I should be currently building - for the "finish a model over the summer challenge" (the completion of this scene will require the making of the 8-pocket coal facility, an "interesting" model to do). Between Vance and the beginning of the real highline, I'm planning to build an important coal mining complex, with as much interlocking structures as possible (there were some such facilities served by the D&RGW, for instance at Baldwin, not too far from Gunnison if I remember well - but there are also many sources of inspiration available from British Columbia archives). With two or three bridges, this is all the structures required for the mountain room, but I think there's enough to keep me busy for quite a while.


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          Terry, sorry, I forgot to answer your remark about vertical separation. This was one of my main problems in the first plan (a switchback was not enough to reach the required height, so I had to put an helix which used a lot of room), and one of the reasons I finally changed my mind and decided to annex the adjacent room. The other problem is that I didn't want a two level layout and drew a plan with a foreground town and the highline in the background, much higher and very difficult to reach. Scenes in the new approach will be more clearly defined, and I think there will remain enough verticality to keep the drama of the line.


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            Jerry, Chuck, thank you for the kind words.

            Mario, many thanks for this beautiful web page. As I told you, I feel very honored to read my name after such a list of great modelers.

            I'll be very glad to have a chat with you. We just need to be careful about jetlag : your nights are our days.

            I think it might be time to update the page devoted to Alex's layout on my web site. I saw when I copied and pasted the link that the last update was in 2006, and Alex has added a few scenes to the layout since, in particular with the recent completion of a small village mountain.


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              Wow, this is amazing modeling, what a great turntable scene.

              Please keep the posting pictures.



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                hi Frederic,

                You do a beautiful job of scenery work. Very impressive![^]
                Look out for #1, but don\'t step in #2!

                Andy Keeney

                Dewitt, MI


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                  I just caught up with this thread and all I can think of is WOW!!!!!! I have always liked Sn3 and was playing with the idea of converting to Sn3 before I took the plunge and converted to On30. The scenes are fantastic, well done and the details are incredible. The only question I have is why did you take so long to share it with us?

                  Thanks for sharing Frederic
                  Ron Newby

                  General Manager

                  Clearwater Valley Railway Co.



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                    Biggest surprise of the decade - I knew you were a good modeler but never even imagined you had make this fantastic layout. WOW!


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                      Wow Frederick, that is some fantastic modeling! I do love the turntable. Your scenery is exceptional! Keep the pictures coming!


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                        Larry, Andy, Mark, many thanks for the comments.

                        On the new version of the layout, the turntable will be closer to the edge of the layout. This will allow a mechanically simple system of rotation known as armstrong, and I will probably increase the vertical effect by putting the outer bents just above a good cliff.

                        The scene might look like this one, but maybe with more trees behind - and perhaps less in the foreground to avoid to break them when turning the turntable.


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                          Ron, Elliott, many thanks for your comments, much appreciated.

                          Ron, I changed my modelling scale from N to Sn3 about 1995. Had I done it five years later, I would probably have chosen On30, both for the detailing possibilities (but we don't lack good S scale parts, with manufacturers as Turner Model Works or Banta Modelworks - it's just that a bigger scale allows more detailing... That being said, I don't know if there are good brooms available in S, if not we might lack some great conversations ) and for the availability of excellent, affordable, ready to run motive power (this second cause being the main one). Since I had the luck of being able to purchase good locos at a very reasonable price, this last argument doesn't hold anymore hence my rekindled enthusiasm for my Sn3 pike.

                          You wonder why I've been hiding this one. In fact, I haven't and many scenes were shown in various galleries. It's just that I have been having a long and strong doubt period about the future of this layout and its possible replacement by an On30 one.

                          Elliott, your words are too kind. But they are truely appreciated, especially coming from someone who has shown many times his wonderful ability to build outstanding scenes.


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                            I've always felt that Sn3 was the perfect scale for modeling narrow gauge,especially when space is a limiting factor. frank B and I have had many a conversation on just such a point. I as with the vast majority of the Crew felt and still feel, that the high cost of quality motive power has kept us out of the game. It's a shame that no manufacture has ever decided to test the Sn3 waters with the same energy that Bachmann id with On30. Who knows what would have happened.

                            Looking forward to seeing all the Sn3 projects your working on and additional scenes of the railroad.

                            Peter [:-kitty]


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                              Hi, Frederic --

                              I just re-read (or, perhaps, re-looked-at) this thread in its entirety and I can't think of any superlatives to add to what has already been said. Thanks very much for taking the time to do great photographs, edit them, write the text, etc. We all really appreciate it.



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                                Peter, I totally share your point of view about Sn3 being an ideal scale to model narrow gauge. It's a pity to see the poor availability of affordable model power in that scale - other than regauging HO mechanisms. That being said, I have often felt that many Sn3ers are very attached to the elitism this lack of motive power has given to their scale and would not support very much a Bachmann like supplier of locos. The very mild reaction they had when MMI announced their project of a diecast K27 last autumn tends to suggest that many ot them are very attached to PBL locomotives and would live as a sort of betrayal the purchase of another brand. This being said, it could have attracted other modellers.

                                Don't infer from what I say that I am "anti-PBL". They have done - and still do - very much for Sn3, and their many kits are both very affordable and incredibly detailed. And now that I am lucky enough to own two of their locos, I must say that they are absolutely outstanding.