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    When is the coffee table pictorial going to be published?? Can I put in a pre-order? Great pics and beautiful work!!
    -- KP --

    Life is to short to build all of the models I want to.


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      Superb modeling and layout construction, Frederic. :up: :up: Your layering scenes in vertical space reminds me of Malcolm Furlow's use of the same techniques.


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        You just blew me away ... Superb!

        Peter [:-kitty]


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          Frederic, VERY NICE layout and photos!!! very very nice. Your skill and imagination are first rate and the colors are perfect, natural appearing and realistic. The details on the chutes show up great and the turntable is fantastic. Just first rate all the way around. Jerry


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            Many thanks to all of you for the kind comments.

            Pat, the trees are a fundamental element in such a layout. This version was designed to feature relatively deep scenes (about 3 feet deep) so the background trees were kept relatively small. On the new, less deep version (probably about 2'6"), with tracks much easier to reach, I think there will be more trees and that even the background ones will be higher. This helps make a nice transition between the 3D scenery and the painted backdrop.

            Mike, every effort has been made to have the various small diorama-like scenes blend together. The highline is basically composed of a series of dioramas built so as to fit together. As Gregg said in his Lamson & Goodnow Cutlery thread, this technique allows an easier access to all sides of the scenes. It also allows you to work elsewhere than in the layout room, which is not bad for the family life.


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              Karl, thanks for your comments. I, too, am finally glad to see the Sn3 adventure continue. It's a really interesting with only the problem of affordability of motive power. Now that I have found a nice answer to this problem, it is close to the perfect scale.

              About On30, yes it's currently on hold but I still have lots of projects in this scale. Let's say that Sn3 is the mining scale and On30 the logging scene. The track plan I had drawn will have to be modified but I think that the more linear space I have in mind should permit some even more spectacular scenes. The only difficulty I can see will be to fit a big waterfront scene. This part could be much reduced. And I think that I will do as usually, interspersing Sn3 with On30 and On30 with Sn3. So there should be more building threads in the close future.


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                John, I like very much the shot of the ore tipple too. It shows very well all the detailing of the ore gates, which I remember were a great pleasure to build. For those interested, the model is based upon John Campbell's Rattlesnake mine depicted in the march/april and may/june 1998 issues of the gazette.

                The next shot shows the other side of the tipple and the RGS Work Goose waiting for its next trip down the line, and the second one shows another little facility inspired by the high terminal of the Dolly Varden line, that featured such a chute between the tipple and the boiler house.


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                  Jon, Bruce and Louis, I like very much this turntable too. Its design is inspired by two different locations. The table itself was built using the plans of the Laws table on the SP, that were published with many building hints in a two part article by Al Armitage (nov/dec 1989 and jan/feb 1990 gazettes). The "open" structure on which it is built is based upon the Signal Butte turntable, on the McCloud River Railroad. I was motivated to build it when I saw such a model on my friend Alex Zelkin's layout.


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                    Stu, the grade of the highline is about 4%. Although I didn't operate it very much, I'd say that the locos don't seem to have problems trailing the short trains the company sends to the high mines.


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                      Just stunning, Frederic! [:-bigmouth] :up: I particularly like the photo of the front of the work goose.


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                        Frederic how large is your display as shown in these photos? Trackplan available?

                        Bill Uffelman

                        Las Vegas NV


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                          Most excellent modeling!


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                            G'day mate.

                            I've made aware to a few guys back in Australia about your piece of art...

                            Maybe I'ii give you a call in the coming weeks for a chat....

                            That's heaps for the link to Alex Zelkin web site.....

                            catch ya one day soon


                            " Stay Motivated in Life "



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                              One word "OUTSTANDING"


                              "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln


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                                Really a phenomenal layout, Frederic. I'd also like to see a trackplan and hear a little more about what your expansion plans are.