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  • Thanks, my friends. Greg, your joke with tankless is too hard for the poor froggy Frederic...

    While I had the scenery products at hand for the base of the cabin's diorama, I also finished the scenery for the big cliff I had made and simply painted a few weeks ago. I also added a second hand retaining wall. This part of the scenery will be declared complete when I have made the snowshed that will take place just to the right of this wall.

    Apart from this, I've made some progress on the little house. The floor and a ladder.

    Optimistic perspective :

    Realistic perspective : yes, there's still a lot of work around it...


    • Nice little building Frederic. I see you have a great place for the birds to build a nest. I know, because I have a hole like that in my barn. The cliff came out really nice. One of these days, I need to bit the bullet and do mine on the CR&T.


      • The building is coming along great Frederic.
        Ron Newby

        General Manager

        Clearwater Valley Railway Co.


        • Thank you my friends.

          My French friends suggested that a ladder was a somewhat rudimentary method to enter the house.

          Maybe I'll add a few planks to suggest a stair could be installed soon. Maybe...

          I've done some work on the roof. Two parts of cardboard connected using a smaller piece of pre-bent bristol to make the adjustment easier. On the lower part, partial canson planking xas added. I've also added a small base extension for the water tank.


          • The cabin is essentially done, except the small porch above the door. I still have to cut and assemble the frame for the water tank, the planks that cover it and the pipe between the gutter and it. And clearly to scenic the extension. When all this is done, I'll attach permanently the diorama basis to the layout, will do the scenery between it and the already finished mining area just above the cabin, and when all this is done, I'll finally glue the house to the base.


            • Great character in such a simple little building. I love the "sustainability" of the cabin by capturing the rainwater in the cistern. I also like how you create a scenic base that then gets incorporated into the layout. Always a pleasure to see your work. Scott


              • Frederic,

                Great cabin, wouldnt it be cool to see several of these in a row with lots of YOUR detail. Really nice work and attention to the finish.



                • Great model Frederic!

                  Plenty of character....I go with Les...

                  clone a couple more for maybe a row of

                  miners shacks? Nice.....


                  • Lots of character in a small space. Very fine modeling!
                    Troels Kirk

                    Näsum, Sweden


                    • Frederic,

                      Great job. You have really demonstrated how versatile paper can be. This isn't my father's paper model. You've open a large door for us with this model.

                      Thank you
                      It's only make-believe


                      • caught up on your work and WOW! what a nice mining scene...really borders on "perfect". I'm sure you'll find a sound effect for a rushing waterfall that you can install along with the sounds of a stamp mill. Check out Miller Models, they have a ton of sound chips and are reasonably prices. ( I have their sawmill sound installed) I like the "bridge tender's cabin"...this "paper" thing is getting pretty serious with Troels and now you and others....I plan on subcribing to your thread....just too much good modeling going on to chance missing anything!....sully


                        • Many thanks, my friends, for your kind and interesting comments.

                          Scott, I have been doing most of the main projects of the first version of the layout this way : a plywood or cardboard base for a small diorama easier to detail and scenic at the workbench and then easily incorporated into the layout.

                          Les and Bill, I had planned to have a simple natural landscape near the cabin, with trees and rocks (and the snowshed of the track at the background upper level). Your row suggestion is interesting though, and I think I have one or two places for this near the Chambers Coaling Complex.

                          Thanks Troels, you're one of those who convinced me to try paper as a finishing material and I'm glad I did.

                          Bob, in the past recent weeks, I've used paper to model a metal tank, a ship planking, a house, plus several miscellaneous details. It is indeed a very versatile material and I really hope more will enjoy it.

                          Tom, I'll see how I can have sound near the main elements of the layout. The relatively small size of the room may be a problem, though, to avoid having all sounds coming together. Thanks for the hint about Miller Models.

                          The project is nearing completion now. I have made the supporting frame for the water tank and attached it to the little basis extension.

                          Then I put the basis in its future location on the layout and started to scenic around it to integrate it. A lot of leftover small plaster 'boulders' were used to get everything on a reasonably uniform level. While the work is still unfinished, the pictures give an idea of how the scene should finally look.

                          Still more work to get the surrounding area sceniced and allow the shooting of pictures without black holes in the middle of the landscape...


                          • Wow Frederic you're moving fast, this watertank is a great addition...


                            • Frederick,

                              Very nice scene ....
                              Tom M.


                              • Very fine piece of work, Frederick.