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The Sn3 Lake Itasca Railway and Navigation Company

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  • The Sn3 Lake Itasca Railway and Navigation Company

    This topic will be devoted to the making of the Sn3 Lake Itasca RR and Nav. Company. Those who have followed my posts in the On30 forum will notice that the name is the same as that of an On30 project of layout I described in this forum. This On30 project is not abandoned, but I finally decided to install this future layout in another part of my garage when the tidying work is done.

    The main features of the Sn3 layout are the same as those of the other project. The layout is spread in two adjacent rooms with a small hole connecting them. One of the room will feature "civilization" with the town of Saint-Maries. The other one features the mountain, with lots of mining activity.

    The mountain part has already been started, and the current state of the layout features a high line with two important mining complexes. This line has been poorly planned and presents important operationnal mistakes, so it will be redone - but the buildings won't be wasted. The rebuilding process will also provide me with an opportunity to pass from DC to DCC.

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    Here are a few shots of the current highline. On the left, at the present "beginning" of the line, is the Alexandria Gold Mining Complex, a big operation as shown in the four first pictures. It is served by a short spur.

    Going up, one crosses two trestles...

    a water tank ...

    and one finally reaches the Bush & Bernie Gold Mining Company.

    At the end of the line, a gallows turntable allows the turning of the engines.


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      Very impressive layout, Frederic. :up:

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        Frederic, your work is just stunning. Everything just seems to flow and is well proportioned for the space it occupies. The variety of trees also add a real air of the great outdoors, well done. Pat


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          I'm glad to see that the outstanding Sn3 work you have done will live to see many more days, the modeling is superb and I am sure when you have reconfigured the areas you are unhappy with the rebuild will be seemless, I'll be looking forward to learning from your progress.

          Does this mean that ON30 is on hold or will you still be modeling individual pieces with a future plan in mind? Either way it will be a pleasure to watch.



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            Great work Frederic! Everything looks like it belongs together, very natural and believable, most excellent workmanship!


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              Outstanding structures and scenery.

              The photography ain't bad either.

              I really like this shot

              I keep looking to see if I can find a broom to see if it's realistic but all I can find is a shovel.

              I will add this to the listing of layouts under construction.
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                Very, very nice, Frederic. I particularly like the 'thru the bridge' shot.


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                  Frederic, I am truly impressed. Besides the comments already made, I really like your use of wood on the structures. The weathering is perfect and the warm tones of the wood are very appealing. I look forward to seeing more.

                  Out of curiosity, what is the track grade on the paired trestles? Is that working well for you?


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                    I really like this low angle squiggly track shot off the turntable. Its my favorite of the bunch.

                    [:-star][:-star][:-star][:-star][:-star] :up: Jon


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                      Really nice to see this work Frederick.



                      Phil Morrow


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                        Wow, Frederic! That's some great looking scenery and structures. You do some beautiful work. Keep it up! I look forward to following your progress.
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                          Superb!!! :up:


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                            Sorry, I hit the reply button to quick.

                            Beautiful work. It inspires me as I am working on a On30 with "Steel Rails and Silver Dreams" as the theme. I think 'S' modeling translates well to On30. Interesting that you mention, the high line. Due to space problems, and thinking out of the box,I have decided on two separate levels with no connection. The only way to get vertical separation that looks plausible. Keep the pictures coming.

                            Terry H 8D


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                              Frederic, fantastic looking work. You have some outstanding modeling done on this layout. I like that turntable very much! :up:

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