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    Originally posted by simon1966

    Good morning everyone!

    Forced to give an answer I think I would choose the Pacific NW. Somewhere around Portland, or even if I were allowed to head across the border and settle on Victoria Island.

    Hello Simon. Strictly for sake of information, Victoria is the large (350,000 plus) city located on the south end of Vancouver Island...also the capital of thr province of British Columbia.

    It gets confusing, I suppose. Seeing as how the City of Vancouver is located on the lower mainland and Victoria is on Vancouver Island...hmmm :erm:



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      Hi Andy, those are some pretty girls you have there. I bet they can be a handful with all that energy.

      It sounds to me like you would be a candidate to move to Cartersville, Ga. That is exactly where you are pointing to. Cartersville is also real nice if you are a model railroader since you are surrounded by a bunch of like minded and very friendly people. When I went to the SER Convention in Cartersville, in 2007, I met a WHOLE bunch of great people, and there are a couple of Operation oriented groups as well. I bet there are at least 20 layouts within a 30 minute drive from Cartersville. Not to mention the old L&N station still has a LOT of traffic running through it at some rather high speeds. We must have seen 4 or 5 trains run through within a 4 hour period.

      As an ex-Michigander, I now live in Raleigh, NC (for the last 28 years) and cannot think of a place anywhere else that I would rather live. I love it here in the south. Of course, my wife was born in Raleigh, so she would never move anywhere else.

      Regards, Vic Bitleris


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        Greetings fellers from the sunny, pleasent, upper, left coast.

        Here is a pic of my daughter's cat Fergie and her latest mob:

        Fergie is a Bengal and she has a interesting lookin' litter. The orange kittens are boys.[:-bigeyes2]

        Question for the day: hmmmm. There are two places I would surely be interested in living:

        Kemmerer, WY (where the heck is that??[:-graduate],

        Prineville, OR.

        Both are small towns (around 3 to 4 thousand), and very pleasent little burgs.

        Y'all have a great day out there.[:-cowboy]
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          Good Morning All!

          Not much to report from the land of Buckeyes on this cool but sunny morning other then I will be heading out after lunch to get that EACH boxcar..I understand he has other oop cars as well.

          Where else would I like to live?

          Either Ashland or Lexington Ky.Both are beautiful places.Of course Lancaster,Ohio has a spot in my ideal relocation list as well.

          On my walk rest this morning I saw 3 NS trains.

          Yesterday at the Bucyrus club we tore out a section of track serving a coal mine that should have never been laid in the first place because the curves was way to tight..We are beginning to fix the mistakes made 18 years ago since the back layout is now "finish".

          I shall have a bottle of H2O and look over the forum.

          Have a good'n! :up:


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            Good Afternoon, guys. Back to work for me after a week of vacation at home. As to where I would live if I could would be in the great state of Washington. Probably not in the Tri-cities where I grew up as that is desert and too hot. Most likely Spokane or some where along the coast, Anacortes, Bellingham. Access to the ocean for sailing and the mountains for hiking etc. However, since the family is all here in Kansas will just have to stay put. Besides, the house is almost paid for and Topeka is fairly low cost living. But on the other hand if money was no issue??? Tom


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              Morning Crew. Thanks for the coffee.

              Hot/Rain, Hot/little Rain, Hot! That's how it's been here for the last few days on the eastern plains of Colorado. 40% chance of rail this afternoon.

              Where would I live? Back in Wethersfield, CT. or Venice, Florida. Grew up in both places. Now, Shreveport, LA looked real nice when we went through there. So that might be another place. But for now I'll stick to Colorado.
              Bill Shanaman

              New Haven RR

              Hartford Division

              in Colorado.


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                Good afternoon fellow R.R. Line members. Couldn't make it past 7:20 this morn. It's in the lower 80's and p/s. Not much planed for today except getting ready to go into to work for another fun filled night :erm: I love the area we're in now. With respiratory problems my wife and I should move. Got to see what the future has in hold for us. We always wanted a little vacation mobilehome in South Florida on the Gulf side. Lots of fishing [:-jump][:-jump2][:-jumprefect] Go down after Christmas and head back in early May.

                Have a good day.
                Scott, from the wilds of Carroll County, Ohio


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                  ...and a good HOTid="size6"> Piedmont afternoon from the scorched earth of NC. The weather weenies were forecasting rain this afternoon or early evening, we'll see.

                  Places to live (if I had my druthers). Like many of you, I've kicked around this ole planet a few times but I still think that here is best. Yeah, we have hot summers and cold winters but at least we have 4 seasons. When I'm out on the run (like this mornin') I look around and think, this is one of the reasons we moved here. That Carolina blue sky can't be beat. My truck is painted that color.

                  Well, before I get toooooo involved with this computer I'm going out to the train room and get some more work done.

                  Have a good 'un y'all.


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                    Good evening all, I can answer the question by saying I would live right where I am now. Well OK, maybe one of the nice waterfont cottages down the road.