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    Good Morning Crew

    Been up a bit earlier this morning but the fixing's are done: Huge stacks of buttermilk and blueberry flapjacks, a table full of andouille sausage and fresh and hot maple syrup from Vermont.

    Old Man weather is looking like rain later today with some T storms in the mix, a perfect day to keep plugging away at Captain Franks. Over the week, I was able to apply all the singles to one side of the roof before I ran out of Paper Creek shingles - rats! My 'never ending' supply of stripwood was running near exhausting and that meant waiting until Saturday after work to make the nearly 100 mile round trip to LHS for supplies. Pickings were slim but I was able to round up a decent supply of O scale 1x6's for the decking and 2x6's for joists. Film at eleven (photos later today for the younger crowd).

    Worn out from two great days of Yankee baseball, with wins over the Red Soxs - nothing could be finer. Right now, the Bombers are 1 behind the Red Sox for the Wild Card and a big game today. There is nothing like the rivalry between the Yankees and the Red Sox - the best in sports.

    Everyone, Enjoy the Day

    Peter [:-kitty]

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    Morning Peter....looks like a showery day here in the suburban wilds of South Jersey. Thanks for the outstanding array of morning food but I can't eat anything before nine! Can't decide whether to take a road trip today to the area I'm modeling, Harrisburg, or just stay home and plug away at the assortment of jobs that need to be worked on. Need to finish up a few so we can resume benchmarking oeprations on the layout, so the incentive is most definitely there. Hope everyone has a good one....


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      Good morning Peter, Rick and everyone,

      Just getting off the 12 hour shift and going home to sleep!! Thanks for the breakfast.

      Weather looks nice here today!!

      Have a great day.[^]
      Look out for #1, but don\'t step in #2!

      Andy Keeney

      Dewitt, MI


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        Good Morning Peter and Crew

        Thanks for opening up the lounge and the fine spread. Today, like yesterday should prove to be a pleasant day. The local fair is coming to a close and not much is happening here in La Porte. I plan on doing more wiring today. Will it never end?


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          Rick and Andy

          Glad you liked the chow. The Thunderstorms arrived quite a bit earlier then predicted and the boomers are making quite a racket. Just a good modeling days with a few chores mixed in to keep peace on the front.

          Peter [:-kitty]


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            Gooooooooooood Morning Peter & Crew! Luv that andouille sausage from La Place, LA....Andouille Capitol of the World! Great in sausage and chicken gumbo, too. [:P] Red Sox pitching sure were asking for it by walking as many Yankee hitters as they did, Peter...and they paid for it, too. Great game! I finished up my mrring projects and boxed it all up, took down the bench, and won't be doing anything else for about another month as we get ready to move. I have a project on the Sn3 caboose, but don't know if I should wait for the one I want to be released or scratchbuild it. BTS is supposed to be coming out with an Sn3 East Broad Top caboose with a basic interior and that's the style that I want. I want to get away from the 'D&RGW' narrow gauge look as much as I can and this caboose is a center cupola job. If BTS does release it soon, I'll detail the interior completely myself. Have a great day, Friends...stay cool and dry!



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              Morning all. I am a little sluggish to say the least having sat up and watched the 14 inning marathon between the Cards and the Mets. Finally Albert hit a home-run and finally the Red Birds broke out of a losing streak. Looks like the National League Central and the AL East are going to be mighty exciting heading towards the playoffs.


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                Good morning crew. Thanks for that hearty breakfast, Peter. I need the calories to give me the energy to load the car for our tip down to the Outer Banks today. We’re leaving early, hoping the traffic won’t be as bad as it will later today. My wife and daughter plan to do some shopping to kill time before we can check in. I don’t know what the men are going to do. :erm:

                Have a good day.

                With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.


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                  Good Morning Crew,

                  Thanks for the coffee and spread Peter. Looks like a day without rain here today (I sure hope it doesn't rain, we seen way to many rainy days lately). Nothing to report on the modeling front as we are babysitting our 9 month old grandson this weekend. Hopefully will get something done tonight. This afternoon We will be taking our grandson to the Cumberland Museum where whey are offering free train rides today on their live steam trains, should be fun.

                  Time to check out the rest of the forum, have a great day everyone.
                  Ron Newby

                  General Manager

                  Clearwater Valley Railway Co.



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                    Good morning to the entire crew. Bonnie and I are in La Vista, NE (just outside Omaha). This area is rich in railroad history (particularly the UP).

                    Yesterday we visited Kenefick Park, where there are two of the UP's largest locomotives on display. Since these are sitting on the top of a high bluff overlooking the area, moving those engines (including a Big Boy) up there must have been a chore. Here is more information on the park.

                    We will be here for a few days before we head out to Michigan to see our other son.

                    Have a great day.


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                      Good morning all from rainy Connecticut.

                      We left rainy Georgia on Friday night and drove for 5 hours and then retired for the night before spending 11 hours on the road yesterday.

                      Fortunately the rain held off yesterday which made the long drive bearable.

                      Not sure what is planned for today but once the grand kids are up I am sure they will want to do something.

                      Have a great day one and all.
                      <img src="" alt="" /><br /><br>John Bagley<br /><br>Modeling the Alaska Railroad in HO in Wildwood Georgia.


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                        Good morning crew. Another find day here in Carroll county, Ohio. Temps 69 and humidity is 74% and sun is out. I'll have a mountain of those pancakes Peter. Nothing like a good breakfast. Nothing much planned for today as I have to go out tonight. We are going to work four 10 hour shifts this week, and finnish up Thursday morn. Nice part about that is it's pay day!!! Wife called me into the living room yesterday to look out the picture window. Over by the garden was a HUGE doe and two fawns. I couldn't get over how big this doe is. We enjoy seeing the deer, but not in the garden. Seeing them gave me the urge for deer bow season to get here. Can't wait. Have a good Sunday everybody.
                        Scott, from the wilds of Carroll County, Ohio


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                          Morning all, and I just have a cup of joe. Slept in a little this morning due to getting home really late from the stock car races last night. Looks like it will be another hot one in the Denver area, so I'll probably do a few house chores and work some more on the structure I'm currently building.

                          Have a great one everybody, and remember to have fun.
                          -- KP --

                          Life is to short to build all of the models I want to.


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                            Good Morning All!

                            Not much to report from the land of Buckeyes on this cool but sunny morning except I got a hot lead on a Athearn RTR East Camden & Highland(EACH) 50 foot boxcar and I aim to call first thing tomorrow to see if its still collecting dust and if it is I will go get it since these are out of stock and hard to find.Modeling wise yesterday I put KD couplers on the cars I picked up use 3 weeks ago..Nothing speical just common road name-well 2 CSX boxcars,1 UP covered hopper and 2 CN 52' mill gons-all RTR Athearn.. :up:

                            I shall have a cup of java and look over das forum.

                            Have a good'n! :up:


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                              Good morning, all. Mostly sunny now with temps in the low 70's. T-storms are supposed to appear later today.

                              Bruce you are about 2-3 miles from where my wife and I bought our first house back in nineteen and seventy. That area has changed and grown so much since we first lived there.

                              My big activity for today will be a bike ride later this morning. Other than that it will be a day of rest.