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Ice Road Truckers!!

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    Hi Gent's

    Been a while although I ave been lurking around.

    I have watched every episode of both shows.

    I watch Ice Road Truckers Cause I think they are nuts. (Those of you that know me know I drive truck)

    And I watch Deadliest Catch for theropy.

    I was on the FV Gulf Wind from 12/27/90 through all of the Opillio Season From January 91 till the first week of February 91 came home with a broke tail bone for three weeks nd thenfor some DUMB reason went back up for the Baredi season for thre weeks on the Alaskan Enterprise.

    These to boats were bigger than the ones on the show... The Gulf wind was a 160' scooner (means house in the back) and it was a catcher processor instead of a live catcher like in the show. which means we made more money than them cause we delivered it processed cooked frozen and ready to go to civilization.

    The Alaskan Enterprise was a boat like the northwestern only MUCH bigger and aain a catcher processor.

    Both these boats had 26 souls on board.

    We worked 20 hr shifts and in the four hours off we had to eat one meal and do what ever else we needed to do.....which was SLEEP nothing else mattered.... I went 41 days with out even getting undressed let alone taking a shower.....

    The one good thing I guaretee ya is that TV don't have SMELL-O-VISION, the guys stink, the grab stink, the bait really stinks, emagine how wandeful a cod that as been sitting on the deck dead for 2 days smells.........

    Any way I came off those boats with occasional nightmares which came back real hard the first few weeks the show was on but after watching them and being able to talk with the wife about what we see and what I went through...It's all good now.

    By the way case your wandering... These guy are acting like saints with the greenhorns on these boats... either that or they are really good at editing because I can tell ya from experience that they treat them like dog SH** normaly.

    Oh well just had to but my two cents in I'll go back to letting wander where I went for those of you that have not forgotten me anyway.

    Mike J


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      Hey Mike! Welcome back!!!

      Thanks for your input. I've watched that show many times and am fascinated by it but often wondered just how 'watered down' the show is compared to REAL life aboard those vessals! I can't imagine that lifestyle. I know I couldn't handle it! First, I HATE cold weather. Second, I'm not much for life at sea either. Finally, that is HARD work! They do earn their pay, that much is for sure.

      Thanks for your 'behind the scenes' perspective.


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        Scares the heck out of me. I hate deep water and deep cold!! But I do admire the guts (I think that is what it is ) that those guys have to do any of those jobs way up north!![^]
        Look out for #1, but don\'t step in #2!

        Andy Keeney

        Dewitt, MI