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  • Hey Mark;

    I like that rock textured parking lot in the picture from Tom's layout. Very realistic, LOL
    Dave Mason


    • Good afternoon all .... coffee sounds great ..

      Mark and Les,

      Nice models .. buildings and locos.


      I hope you folks soon warm up.

      Had a very busy morning and some things lined up this afternoon. Check in later to see how the forum is going.

      Have a great day ....
      Tom M.


      • Hi all,

        It's been awhile since I have posted. I have been lurking in the shadows, reading all that has been going on and enjoying all the great modeling. Holiday season was very busy as I'm sure it was for everyone. Have been doing small amounts of MRR when I could squeeze in some time here and there.

        Right now I'm working on a rail truck bash out of the older Athearn SW7 frame since it is too much work to use it for my Dunkirk, which I am eargerly waiting for. However things are moving slow. Hopefully life will slow down and allow a bit more modeling time.

        Just curious, no one has mentioned moving the lounge into "Part 3". It's above my pay grade and I don't want to step on anyones toes, but it made good sense last time. Any thoughts?

        Happy New Year to All


        • David sorry to hear about your bunny. My wife claims Carson is still around the house a week after we had to put him down -- trouble is our other Golden Clint still behaves like Carson is there too.

          Received the new Designing and Building Multi-deck Model RRs from Kalmbach yesterday. Have barely begun reading but it is a good book worth the $19.95 if you are into layout design and contemplating going double (or triple) deck. I had double deck plans for an On3 line 25 years ago but the fates intervened and I haven't had space for it since and if Las Vegas housing prices don't turn around won't in the future.

          Bill Uffelman

          Warmer this week in Las Vegas NV


          • I'm impressed, it took less than 6 months to generate 100+ pages of the On30 lounge. Great job guys :up: , love the enthusiasm.

            I've asked Jerry to start On30 Lounge III, which he has already done (thanks Jerry), and I will lock this thread.