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"National Irish-American Hangover Day"

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  • "National Irish-American Hangover Day"

    I guess that explains why I'm first here today. La Brea Tarpits blend in the coffeepot. Bagels and lox, scones, apple butter on the buffet, and glue in the oatmeal pot. Wife is temporarily under the weather, so I have to do laundry today. Ugh.

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    Morning Dave and others,

    The Judge is coming over to run trains this morning and then we'll be off to our local BSing restaurant.

    Hope your wife feels better soon Dave.

    Have a great day ya'll.

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      Good morning Dave, Tom and the rest of the crew. It is 25 degrees with about a half-inch of new snow on the ground. We will stay in the 20's all day.

      I made some good progress on the layout yesterday and hope to spend a few hours working on it today.

      Have a great day!


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        Good Morning All,

        Started out the day with a walk at 68F and getting to the 80's I believe. I have a couple of things to do around the house then layout cleaning again.

        I hope your wife feels better Dave.

        I hope everyone has a good day.
        Curt Webb

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          Good morning, everyone. Dave's and my weather is overcast, 40s with some sun expected this afternoon. I'm seeing a lot more of my lawn than I did yesterday morning, but it's a long way from mowing. I'm going to a St. Patrick's party this afternoon, but until then I'm building a simple, low-budget equipment storage case.


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            No signs of our lawn yet, but the driveway is completely clear. But then we got more snow from the last storm than you did.

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          Good morning everyone.

          Dave, thanks for the coffee and breakfast.

          Was going to head to Death Valley next but read that the roads are a mess in areas because they've been getting a lot of rain.
          Have to do a little research to find another place.

          Have a great day everyone.
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            Mornin' All!

            19, feels like 8, headed for 26 and the WGFA are arriving sideways and uphill here in the northern mitten. Bits of sunshine are holding hope against hope....

            Happy Birthday to Dave, who is celebrating by wondering about his "lawn." I'm not really sure what a "Lawn" is, but that may be my aging memory. I haven't seen anything like that around here in a very long time. Is it something hiding under the WGFA?

            NMRA Division meeting this afternoon was transferred to Zoom yesterday... probably a good move, since the Winter Weather Advisory is still in place until 2000 today, and that saves folks from long drives. Today's Clinician has what is a three-hour ride, on a good day, to get here, so Zooming is a godsend.

            Make it a great day, All, and stay safe!

            in Michigan
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              Morning all.

              Another cold day here. Yesterday was apparently one of our coldest St. Pat's days ever. Still snow on the grass in some places, at least the streets/walks are clear. Starting a new kit build today and will do some layout work as well.



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                Good morning. 34F and bright sunny day in northern WV.

                I have a few things to do before the open house tomorrow. That will be my focus today. Hopefully a walk later when it's a little warmer.

                Have a good one.


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                  20/20 weather here….20 degrees, 20+ winds with lake effect bands taking vis from 10 mi to 10 feet in seconds,
                  Click image for larger version

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                  it’s an interesting weather feature if you’re looking at it from inside.

                  If I recall Chef Jim is in Nappanee, Injiana for a train show. Might as well, his Boiler Washers scrubbed out in Rd 1 yesterday, early oops to a crew from Farley Dickinson (sp) aka F’dU…. Sparty took out USC their Trojans sprung a leak.

                  Working on misc at the work bench, web cams going from Elkhart, IN and Flagstaff, AZ where the 13hr late SW Chief just stopped. Zero going on in IN.

                  Back to work.

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                    Good morning, Dave and crew. I’m on a cruise ship, sailing west, crossing the California Current, which is chilly. Hawaii in four days, which will be comfortable.

                    The entertainer at the piano bar is Irish, so all he did was Irish pub music. I had a Guinness to get in the mood so I’m recovering today.

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