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    Hi everyone , in years gone by I had no problem using Search function in specific forums but doesn’t seem to work any longer, is this not functioning? I was looking for a Fsm Cartwrights machine shop build I seen many years ago but am having no luck. Google use to be a great tool for searching RRL but theirs no longer has the defined site/content function any longer.

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    When the forum software was updated the URL strings for all the old threads changed.
    That's what causing the search function to not find old threads.
    I haven't had much luck using it either.
    I know someone will stop by and help finding what you're looking for.
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      I tried DuckDuckGo, which does a more thorough search of RR-Line, but don't find Cartwright's. I checked Mike Chambers' Craftsman Corner from beginning to the end of 2004 and didn't find it.

      Searching will be easier if we know when Cartwright's was produced. I don't find a list of FSM kits on-line; I think kitforums or modelersforum had one, but they're gone except for the wayback machine/internet archive. Cartwright's is kid #280, implying it was fairly late in George's run. Do you know which year Cartwright's was released?


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        Found the site with the kits looks like it was 11/94 for release date , I’ve just completed searching page 1 to 579 on the MCCC forum , brought back many memories but no luck. I wonder now if I seen it on one of the other two sites that have now shutdown for whichever reason.


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          This is all I found.

          Louis L&R Western Railroad
          Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


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            Originally posted by desertdrover View Post
            Thanks yes that helps.