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    Good morning all, from 21f and cloudy N.E. Indiana. The coffee urn is READY with Ashpit blend. The special is a short stack and sausage links. Shredded wheat and milk further down the line. All opther drinks at the end of the line.

    I spent too long yesterday trying to get pictures to shgow up on the forum. No luck, so I'll put the scratch build story on hold until that is resolved, but will continue in the 1:1 world.

    Have a Super day!

    Take the red pill

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    Morning all.

    Up and ready to head to work. Got the replacement water heater ordered, they should install it Thursday. Finished the FOS kit I started two years ago. Probably layout work next.



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      Morning Jim, Jeff and all others,

      Jim thanks for breakfast and coffee.

      Cool here this morning. Not much going on here today other than bowling with Babe and then a late lunch with friends.

      Have a great day ya'll.

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        Good Morning All,

        Started out with a walk at 58F and going to 77F later. Yesterday I dusted things on the layout. Today I'll start cleaning track and wheels.

        Thank you for MOH's birthday greetings yesterday.

        I hope everyone has a good day.
        Curt Webb

        Freelanced PRR Bellevue Sub


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          Good morning from S.E. Michigan where it is 19 degrees and sunny. We had yet another inch of snow over night. That looks like the last snow for the next 10 days.

          I finished all the painting needed around the new window and doors and we got the drapes back up. Hopefully a respite now. I'd like to get back to working on the layout now.

          I'm not sure what is going on with the photo upload problem - I had no trouble uploading quite a few photos yesterday. Some think it might be browser related. I'm using Firefox on Windows 10 from a PC.

          Some running around this morning and early afternoon, so that work on the layout will start after that. I posted some prototype slate pit photos in my layout construction thread that you might find interesting.

          Have a great day!


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            Good morning from the NH Seacoast, where snow is trying to fall in above-freezing temperatures and the wind is roaring a few hundred feet up. The guessers say maybe 8-12", maybe all rain. I only have to venture out once, and only to Amesbury because our Moderator decided to postpone the Town Election and Town Meeting two weeks.

            I'm regretting not writing down who I loaned my camera car to, but friends got me another and I shot a cab ride last night. Then I uploaded mine and the Valley Junction's, so that bit of NERx is out of my hands. Once I get the video of Scratchbuilding in Styrene in the can, I only have to look alive for the Q&A after it's played. Plenty of other stuff to do for the layout.


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              Good morning, Jim and crew. The sun's out in Tidewater Virginia. It's chilly, so we'll be going for our walk this afternoon.

              I made some progress at the workbench yesterday and hope to do more today.

              With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.


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                Good morning. 26F and snow in northern WV.

                Given the weather and with a work session at the club this afternoon, I'm not sure we will get a walk in today. After breakfast I will do a little painting, maybe run the layout some more. After a halting start, it ran well, but I need to make sure the track is clean everywhere. I don't do much in the way of switching during an open house, so I don't need to check every track, but this is a good time to do that. Like many layout owners, I don't run it enough.

                Have a good one.


                Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. James Baldwin


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                  Cold out today with a lot of wind......unexpected, but not going anywhere; 2nd cup of coffee and next to last carrot cake pancakes on the plate...

                  Shop time - painting and setting detail parts in place; got to push pause and get the camera set for capturing everything....and then hit start again. Got painting to do in bits and sections.

                  Grinding through library books....that flood of brand new ones that suddenly arrived seems to have abated....and we're back to sub-normal again.

                  So it goes.....
                  In a time like ours seemings and portents signify. Ours is a generation when dogs howl and the skin crawls on the skull with its beast's foreboding.


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                    The forecast was 'rain changing to snow between noon and 1:00." It changed to snow at 8:00, and we already (9:30) have a couple of inches... If this keeps up and we stay in the snowbands, we'll get well over a foot by midnight. Fortunately, our events for today were cancelled (or in the case of wife's doctor follow-up, gone to "telemedicine"). Stuff Amazon promised to deliver on Monday didn't show, now due on Wednesday. Anyone else noticing a substantial decline in Amazon deilvery promises? But I did get some other parts yesterday, including the screw thread inserts, so I can do a bit of work on the layout of the electronics in the box.

                    Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)


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                      Amazon does seem to have added a day to some deliveries but is delivering quite late in the day at times, near 9 pm. Still rather reliable here, delivering from SE Grand Rapids or near W side Lansing. The roads are full of blue smiles….and they don’t drive like NASCAR drivers like Fed/UPs…everything it neatly placed on the porch, not thrown from the truck door as I’ve seen fedex do more than once.
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                    Morning all,

                    Just this real-life work stuff interfering with my hobbies today. Hope to get back to the workbench soon.

                    Have a great one!
                    Bob Butts
                    Lake Mary, FL

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                      Good morning Guys, and all incoming crew. Thanks for opening the Lounge Jim with our morning coffee and chat.

                      34 degrees and lots of rain for todays weather, here in the Ocean State, Rhode Island. Snow expected after noontime.

                      Everyone enjoy your day whatever you choose to do with it. I think I'm having another slow day. The weather forecast is crappy for this week.

                      Everyone have a great, safe and healthy day ahead. I'll see you all on the RR-Line Forum.

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                        Bright orange/yellow ball in the sky today, chilly, started at 180 as Dawn cracked…

                        No issues here on photo insertion, using the UPLOAD ATTACHMENTS box down below the face icons….using Safari on iPad Pro with my shared photos linked with my phone.

                        Anyone here use a cellular Hot Spot for their ‘net? My grumbles about my mediocre home have been well aired here…home runs of 2-10 speed tests…yada, etc…. Well, yesterday I deactivated the Wi-Fi/blue tooth on my I phone settings then used the att cell service. I got 60 speed test.. . I don’t use the phone that much at home as I have the desktops and pad using the telco dsl I love so… curious of any experience anyone might have with the hot spot. Hard, for me at least, to get clarity from the att online references.

                        The Doll’s hairdresser told her that her husband fell into a bitcoin scam from either a txt msg or email….hook line and sinker $12k of her inheritance money poof, gone into the wind….never told her, until…P. T. Barnum effect….

                        Well, gotta get moving, the sun has won the battle, it’s beutimous, if chilly, out there. Quit lazing about…


                        Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

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                          I've looked a little bit at cell phone internet (hot spot) data rates. My observation was there was A LOT of variation in both uplink and downlink rates. You could be tooling along and all of a sudden bandwidth goes to near-zero. But that's likely going to get better, seems the industry as a whole is investing in making 5G WiFi viable for internet service as well as mobile devices.

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                          We have T Mobile and my wife will use her iPad linked to her phone's hot spot while we're driving. It seems to work fine for her. My eyes are on the road, so I don't use mine much.

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                        Good Morning from a just changed to snow northeast corner of Mass. Early morning eye doctor appointment this morning just over the border in NH. 3" of snow there, and nothing here, 10 miles away closer to the coast. Now to deal with dilated pupils the rest of the day. Snow blower is ready, bring it on..