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A new idea (for me anyway) that I just might pursue......

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  • A new idea (for me anyway) that I just might pursue......

    While taking my nap today, this possibility/idea kept me from falling into my normal 'deep sleep nap'......So when I finally decided to get up, and as soon as I finished the 1:1 requests, I sat down w/ the scale rulers my compass and pencils. This is what I came up with. It has 2o" minimum radius, point to point & continuous running, and switching. It has dramatic scenery w/mountain cliffs, a waterfall, curved trestle, 2RR yards, 2 16"TT, 2 depots, a tunnel, and it is TOTALLY PORTABLE. It consists of 3 sections....2 sections are 22"x48", the other section is 4'x6'. I now present to you the _____&_____RR. A name would be helpful. I thought about reusing the 'GRIZZLY & DILAPIDATED Ry'; but maybe I should move on??? Although John Allen used the GORRE & DAPHETID on all 3 versions of his projects.... whadda ya's the track plan. The two 22" x48" sections w/their backdrops attach to the end of the 4'x6' module, and the mountainous terrain down the center on the 4x6 acts as a view block......should I build it instead of my current plans for the BGRR????????????Track, turnouts, scenery and lumber are no problem; I ALWAYS RE-PURPOSE WHENEVER POSSIBLE......
    Comments, suggestions, raspberries, all welcome....

    SUPT.,GM & BLDR. ______&______RR (Ry)

    Here's the plan.....the blue lines are the backdrops......

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    Kyle, track planning and layout design are not my area of expertise.
    What you've posted looks good to me, but I'll let others that are better than me voice their opinions.
    Name? Need to think a little more and maybe I'll think of something.
    Follow along as my dog and I travel the country in our van.
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      (The late) Iain Rice was great at designing these kinds of small track plans, building on UK practices. See this book, for example:

      Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)


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        Anything unattached works for me. My old layout was attached to the walls and ended up as most. Portability is convenient if you move or display at shows, etc.

        Are you planning a mountain in the transition area? The mountain on the adjacent module suggests so. That area might be easier if you make one module 4" wider to set your foam on. Or both 24".
        I'm no expert but feel the joining area is odd because the TT void is 4" and the main mountain tunnel area fans out much wider than the void. I'd add a engine house/service to one TT.

        Not bad at all man, plus you can start working again is the biggest plus.


        • kyle_creel
          kyle_creel commented
          Editing a comment
          I've always enjoyed your feedback, Phillip. Yes there will be a 2 stall engine house (which I've already constructed) on one side. I'm toying with the idea of just a small one stall shed (which I also already have built) on the other side. Hope I covered your topics below...THANX AGAIN....KYLE

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        Thanx Rick, thanx Dave, thanx Phillip; I appreciate the input. The void is for wiring if needed. If not, both can be 24" deep; I already have a module that is 26"deep, so the other will be 22". The yard area backdrops will feature a 'separate' scene, different on each side, but both sort of like a small town / RR yard area. The mountains on the larger module will only 'butt up' to the TT modules from just outside the tunnel entrance across and over to the opposite side, where they will do the same. They will also act as a view block down the center of the main module. The mountains are not really intended to separate the TT modules from the depot areas, but will actually allow a transition into the depot scene on each side, along the edge where the backdrop stops; and create (hopefully) the feeling of a depot on the edge of a small town where there will be a small industry(s) to switch. This way, once the train leaves the 'depot' area it will be 'going somewhere'. The train can traverse the 'continuous loop' as many times as is needed to 'get to the other town', which is the terminus of the RR. TIME instead of distance will be my 'operational guide' on this layout. Here is a different shot of the plan with the mountains 'cut off' just outside the tunnel entrances, with the depot and yard areas labeled. Thanx for all the input guys, should I scrap the current plans and 'move forward'?????????????????? For the time being, I think I'll go with the GRIZZLY & DILAPIDATED Ry. A 'branch' or subsidiary of the BLACKROCK & GRIZZLY RR........Does it work?????

        KYLE CREEL
        SUPT., GM, BLDR.
        G&D Ry.

        Click image for larger version

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          Roger that!

          Not finished with my 6x6 yet and already brain storming 6 foot long modules. On my layout in hindsight 6 footer would of been better.
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            I have always liked this tiny layout 2x6 door.



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              Looks like a great palate for scenery work, some switching, and I always like (as do visitors), the capability for continuous running. I'll give it a thumps up, Kyle. In fact, two thumbs up. Click image for larger version

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              As for the name, GRIZZLY & DILAPIDATED Ry works for me - a nice 'tip of the hat' to John Allen (for those of us who remember him). Click image for larger version

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                Thanx Phillip, thanx Bruce; yalls' comments and observations got me thinking. (that's always a crap shoot) Anyways, I looked at the space available for the RR, and decided to shorten the yard modules by a foot; making them 36" x 26" and 36" x 22"; now the entire length is 9 feet. The wider of the two will have the 2 stall engine house, and the single stall engine 'shed' will be on the other. Both will still have nice 2 track yards, and 16" TTs'. The extra foot savings in length will make a really big difference in clearance around the end, since one of the two 4' wide ends will butt up against a wall. This brings out another feature I've since realized, the layout will be on heavy duty casters, so I can change which end is up against the wall for variety. I sure do appreciate the comments and suggestions. I think G&DRy. 'fits' the "funkyness" that will be this layout. Short trains, mostly local freights and mixed trains will be the order of the day; although a 'monthly scenic excursion' is always nice. So here's the layout plan w/the shorter yard modules.....hope it meets inspection.....ya'll stay tuned.

                KYLE CREEL
                SUPT., GM, BLDR.
                Click image for larger version  Name:	002.jpg Views:	11 Size:	140.6 KB ID:	1028928
                Last edited by kyle_creel; 4 weeks ago. Reason: I've made an error in the dimensions of the 2 yard sections; THEY WILL BE 40" X 22", AND 40" X 26", .......sorry.......


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                  I can't say I've ever seen this kind of layout before. Very creative!

                  If I understand you right, the advantage of this new plan over what you've presented over the last couple of weeks is that it is completely portable. Do I have that right?

                  Have you drawn up a list of advantages and disadvantages for each of your ideas/plans?

                  I'm not sure I've been following your developing plans very well and I'm too lazy to go back to your other thread.


                  Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. James Baldwin


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                    As far as switching goes, the double switchback by the upper depot will be slow to work, fine if that's what you want. Also, the only way to get an engine from one side of a car to the other is by going around the oval, through the other town. Again, if that's OK with you, no problem.


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                      Thanx Michael, thanx James; First off to answer your questions Michael. Yes it's completely portable, it takes up less 'room space', it can be rotated 180 degrees for variety, and it checks all the 'running trains'/ switching boxes. And to address your questions James, the slow process of switching is indeed enjoyable for me, and if you look closely, all the turnouts are trailing. For example; when a train (usually 3 cars) leaves the top yard area, it's destination is the bottom depot area, not the yard. The train makes 2 complete trips around the loop (to add time) and arrives at the bottom depot area. It now switches out cars with the ones to pick up at the depot area and makes 2 loops and arrives back at the top depot area, where it backs the picked up cars into the yard in the 'yard area'; and the locomotive returns to the engine area. The same process is repeated for the lower, or other yard area. It's mainly designed as a 'back n' forth' operation; from 'upper yard' to lower sidings; and from lower sidings to 'upper yard'. Having a turntable at each 'end' of the line allows one the option to change locomotives out for the return trip, after a drop off is done. The procedure can start at either the top or bottom yard. This way cars leave one yard area, are spotted at the 'drop off' siding on the 'other side' of the layout, the cars on the 'pick up' siding there are taken back to the 'other side' of the layout and put in the yard there. Ain't that fun???????? I hope all that made some sense, 'cause it made me dizzy. And, I can always just let 'em go and watch 'em run.......
                      Keep those cards n' letters coming, I look forward to the comments and info............

                      KYLE CREEL
                      SUPT., GM, BLDR.
                      G&D Ry.
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                        I've decided to move ahead with the GRIZZLY & DILAPIDATED Ry. This evening I removed all the remaining track from the 4x8 section, and was able to salvage (Scavenger Inc.) ALL of it. Tomorrow (Sunday) after breakfast, Mark and I will 'remove' the new top section we built last year, and cut down the remaining original 4' x 8' to to 4' x 6' and put the new legs on it. Next we'll build the 22" x 40" section for the yard/engine shed section that attaches to the GRIZZLY depot side of the 4 x 6 section. All that will be left is to 'cut down' the remaining 26" x 5'3" section to 26" x 40". All the lumber I will need is already at my disposal, all the bldgs. are built, all the track I will need is ready (and most of it already curved to 21" radii if needed) from the old layout, all the turnouts are ready, I might need to 'acquire' a piece of 1/2" plywood, although I think I have enough 'leftovers' to do the job of decking the new 22" x 40" section for GRIZZLYS' yard area. It would appear that all I have to do now is 'assemble the parts'. Oh yeah, I will need to build or acquire another 16" TT for the new GRIZZLY yard section. Here's some shots of the carnage/rebirth, and a new 'colorized' plan for the G&D Ry. Ya'll stay tuned it's gettin' good...............

                        KYLE CREEL
                        SUPT., GM, BLDR.
                        G&D Ry.

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                          Hey fellas; it's 3;00 on Sunday afternoon, and I just finished importing the photos from todays' adventure. Actually; today's been unexpectedly productive. Mark & I (after breakfast) disconnected the 4 x 8 section from the rest of the old BGRR (OLD?), got rid of everything down to the original decking, cut the 4 x 8 down to 4 x 6, attached the end cap & leggs, and decided to make the height 40" during construction and raise it to 48 1/2" upon completion of the construction AND the MOVE. We next cut down and mocked up the full size scenic feature known as "WOODS RIDGE" in its' designated location to check for fit. I had originally wanted to just disconnect, and remove all the 'clutter and trash' from the 4 x 8 section this week. Getting all the cutting down, and modifying done was really a pleasant and unanticipated bit of progress; especially adding in the 'mock-up to the accomplishments. This week I'll cut out the opening for the waterfall feature, and frame it in now while the section is under construction. This has been a lot of fun today. Now we are into the 'modify & assemble' phase I guess you could say. If all goes well this week, I'll be able to clean, and prep the RR right-of-way; and maybe even lay all the track on the 4'x 6' section. That would be terrific, 'cause next Sunday (after breakfast) Mark & I are hoping to cut down, modify and assemble the 2 TT / Yard sections and thereby finish the "MODIFICATION / CONSTRUCTION" phase of the project. The work from there on out will be to choose / assemble and attach the different scenery components, from all the scenery (mountainous rockwork) we saved to re use. The phase after that (hopefully in about 3 weeks) I'll start wiring, and install the first TT, then we might be able to run a couple of laps on the layout.
                          STAY TUNED...........................

                          KYLE CREEL
                          SUPT., GM, BLDR.
                          G&D Ry

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                          See ya next time..............
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                            Wow, you guys are moving right along!