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    Good morning all from 10f heading to 19f and cloudy N.E. Indiana as we wind down January. The coffee urn has signaled READY with Diamond Stack blend. The special is a short stack of buckwheat pancakes and sausage links. The Oatmeal pot is still nearly full. All other drinks at the end of the line.

    Health club yesterday morning was exciting. Second guy in a week, dropped over with a heart attack. EMS hauled him out, talking. I'll be heading there in a little while.

    I printed another batch of 'glass blocks' and thinned out the canopy cement with even better results.

    Welcome back to Ron who was away from the RR-Line and the hobby for about 5 years?

    That's it from here. Have a Super day!

    Take the red pill

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    Good morning, Jim and later arrivals. The NH seacoast is overcast and bound from a bit below freezing to a bit above. A sprinkle of snow fell last night. But the forecast for next weekend is a blast of -9F (about 20F colder than the coldest day to date), then back to days above freezing. We'll see what really happens, but it really feels like we've bought the E ticket...

    Today is paperwork, then doing a clinic blurb for the March NERx. At some point today or tomorrow a visit to the tax collector is in order...


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      Good morning from S.E. Michigan where we are enjoying the first zero degree day of the winter. We should warm up to the mid-teens later today.

      An appointment this morning and some basement time this afternoon.

      Have a great day!


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        Good Morning All,

        Starting out today in the 60's heading to the mid 80's. It was 14 degrees above the average yesterday. At this rate it's going to be a really hot summer.

        I have several inside chores to do today then I need to take a closer look at the part bags for the kit. The directions say it should take 6-8 hours to build, I'm thinking 6-8 weeks.

        I hope everyone has a good day.
        Curt Webb

        Freelanced PRR Bellevue Sub


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          Good morning Crew and Jim, stay upright at the health club.

          My portion of Wisconsin is at -13f degrees feeling like -13, so that’s good. High for the day will be in the positive numbers at around 11f this afternoon.

          Finishing 2 tank cars being weathered, then it’s break time.

          enjoy the day


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            Morning all,

            Thanks for the breakfast Jim, coffee smells great.

            Very mild temps here so today I'm getting a head start on checking all the sprinkler heads. Then I'll edge and cut the grass. Sure is nice here in the South.

            Have a great day ya'll.

            The difference between the almost right word and the right is the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.


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              Good morning everyone.

              Jim, thanks for the coffee and breakfast.

              Tucson weather: A 30 percent chance of showers after 11am. Mostly sunny, with a high near 59.

              Hitting the gym first this morning.
              Rest of the days schedule depends on what the weather is doing.

              have a great day everyone.
              Follow along as my dog and I travel the country in our van.
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                Good morning Guys, and all incoming crew. Thanks for opening the Lounge Jim for the coffee. Nothing better than a cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

                35 degrees and snow mix for todays weather, here in the Ocean State, Rhode Island.

                I plan on interior detailing, as far as lighting, no plans for that at the moment. Thanks again to those who made comments on my Challenge build A&W progress.

                Everyone have a great, safe and healthy day ahead. I'll see you all on the RR-Line Forum.

                Louis L&R Western Railroad
                Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


                • BurleyJim
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                  Had a little bit of fun at the Post Office this morning.

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                Dreary and raining......and then getting colder in the afternoon.

                Over to the PO to mail my eBay sales and check my mail box - nicely rolled up and stuffed in the PO box is a big envelope marked "Photos - Do Not Bend". Showed that to the clerk and he was not happy; borrowed it to show whoever was sorting into the PO boxes what not to do........

                But....hard copy photos for an article......hope my scanner is up to the chore, We'll see....and there's today's top action.

                Eye doc tomorrow - annual look into a painfully bright light session to make sure that the repaired retina is still nice and flat.

                Have to get that trolley painted today.....and get the next step on the MoW car moving.

                So it goes...
                In a time like ours seemings and portents signify. Ours is a generation when dogs howl and the skin crawls on the skull with its beast's foreboding.


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                  Well, I brought home some sort of bug from Springfield, I have a sore throat. My GI Covid tests are expired, so I have to see if I can get some fresh ones.

                  Dogs are at the groomers, so it's unnaturally quiet at home. Even when they're on the couch asleep, we know they're there.

                  update: Covid test negative. So just the usual Springfield Crud...

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                  Goooooood Afternoon, All!!!

                  Home from Springfield about an hour ago, with a very nice trip in the books. Saw any number of people I wanted to see and catch up with, was able to obtain some Hoosac Valley power and buggies in honor and memory of my Friend and Mentor of over 25 years, Dick Elwell, and spent too much time realizing that the infrastructure here is beginning to show its age. The need for sitting and even a nap has increased drastically! But what a Great Time all week! Even Mother Nature cooperated by scheduling the WGFA for elsewhere!

                  Speaking of WGFA, Welcome Home to Ron, who gave us that expression many yearsago. Very useful over the years, and it keeps me from using other descriptors that would have my Mom and Dad disown me. I'm sure they're watching from somewhere....

                  The car still needs another hour or three of unpacking, and I suspect that there is indeed a medically indicated N. A. P. in the works as well....

                  Make it a great day, All, and stay safe!

                  home again
                  in Michigan


                  • k9wrangler
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                    Sounds like a fine time, glad travel was safe.

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                  Busy morning. The wife sent our taxes to the village hall last week Wednesday. Yesterday we received an envelope that was labeled "Found loose in mail at Green Bay sorting facility"
                  It contained our check, nearly ripped in half, but the stubs for each piece of property were missing. She had allocated full payment on some properties and half on others. So we spent an hour reconstructing what money went where. This morning I went to our village hall and explained to the tax clerk what happened. She said "no problem" and was able to get everything to the correct account. However, my wife had misadded the amount due amount by 55 cents. Paid the 55 cents and was glad to leave with everything taken care of.
                  Minus 14 this morning and 6 above now. Done with chores for the day, time to visit the trains.

                  Mark B.


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                    Hmmm….guess my earlier post….didn’t…so, to recap. Cold, zeroo to start the day, forget the sun part it’s gone… worked on scenery as suggested earlier, the hot glue gun = 2nd degree NSFW utterances …..cessation of activity. OK, all caught up.

                    Headed to the kitchen to mess around with more stuff too hot for old farts to be messing with, but notification posted earlier was specific. Your turn if you want to eat tonight….


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                    Cedar Swamp
                    SW of Manistique, MI

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