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    Sun and frosty in Northern Command this morning. Forecast is clouds later.

    Breakfast, sausage, eggs, bacon, toast and my Granma Sweeters big time S Georgia biscuits and fresh hand churned butter y’all. Country ham and RedEye gravy. Iced tea, sweetened of course, and buttermilk from the churn. Tobacco field coffee and Postum Ms Sweeter loved. Diet DrP for TomO and me.

    Burley Jim’s missed the announcement of Chicago Commuter stuff from Rapido this week. Be interested on his take as most is Burley based.

    Worked on a fiddly door yesterday. Didn’t solve issue. The latch on the door hits the metal door piece a fraction of an inch off and won’t latch.

    Well, get at the vittles y’all

    Be well,

    KSin da Yoop
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    Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

    Cedar Swamp
    SW of Manistique, MI

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    Coffee and maybe something more eventually.......

    Started to clear the gardens yesterday late; frost night coming so I'm calling everything done. Got to bring in all the cacti, too. There's an all day exercise hiking them in and down to their storage light area.

    Did get some painting done yesterday so I can call one project done for now - might be needing a load for in it just make it interesting.....

    Errands to run; PO, library, gas, HD......others.... Office desk work, too.

    Full day on the agenda it seems so more coffee and off into it then.

    So it goes.....
    In a time like ours seemings and portents signify. Ours is a generation when dogs howl and the skin crawls on the skull with its beast's foreboding.


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      Good Morning All,

      Went out to supper with daughter's family last night. Today the only plan is to get the signal bridge wired up to the logic board and operating.

      I hope everyone has a good day.
      Curt Webb

      Freelanced PRR Bellevue Sub


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        Cold and rainy at CP River. Already had my coffee.

        Nothing much planned for today except taking down the solar lights between rain drops that are on the back deck. Tomorrow we drain the water out and blow the pipes out, fill the water traps with anti freeze, lock the doors and head home. Yyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! BACK TO MODELING. Am I happy? YES.

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          Good morning from the cold of Wisconsin. 36 this morning at 6 heading to 53 later today but we have wind chill numbers again! It feels like 30 now.

          Thanks Karl for opening and the daily Diet Dr Pepper.

          Hockey game on campus tonight at 7 so fish dinner out somewhere around 5:30.

          The outdoor chores are done for the season so it’s me time till dinner tonight.

          enjoy the day


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            Mornin' All!

            45, headed all the way to 47, feels like 38, mostly cloudy with occasional drippage here in the northern mitten. Thanks to Karl for opening up, and a note that the WWs were using the "S word" for da Yoop yesterday. Not sure whether that hit or not.... It's coming, though.... Foliage here is beginning to show signs of early Autumn, so I need to think about getting the camera ready. OTOH, the grey blanket will probably ensure that the glorious calendar photos are not available without a road trip, so....

            Op Session is scheduled for Wednesday night here, so I need to re-stage everything, ensure that stuff runs, clean tracks, solder some stuff and.... Gaaa!! I feel like the White Rabbit: There's never enough time! <cue Bunny emoticon>

            Make it a great day, All, and stay safe!

            in Michigan


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              Our Snocast was for 0800-0900, but it was sunny, some spotty misty drizzle triggered a bit of a brief rainbow I almost overlooked as we had a freighter pass, it’s a rare experience that they rarely pass close enough to see as it’s quite shallow quite a distance out.

              Well, here I sat with my nose in the flipping infernal evil electronics device posting here, the better half looked outside, the million dollar view, and saw that it was SNOWING…”get off that damned thing…” was the next exclamation…bold uppercase deleted…she has a point.
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            Thanks for opening, Karl. Its a great warm fall day, highs in the mid '70s in SE NH. Cooler but still sunny for the weekend, great leaf-peeping weather. Trees are still turning here, peak will probably be next weekend.

            Karl, I have a bunch of those fiddly door strikes. When they get bad enough to really bother me, I end up drilling out the screw holes, gluing dowels into the hole, and then redrilling for the strike. If anyone knows a better way to do this, please let me know. I also have one bathroom door that swings open if it's not latched, which can be "revealing" if you're sitting on the throne when that happens. I've tried pulling and striking the hinge pins (to add a slight bend), and probably need to do that again to add more resistance.

            I'll try to get to the train room this afternoon after I go to the store. There's an NMRA local meet tomorrow, haven't decided if I'll go or stay home and play with my own trains. It's been a busy last 2 weeks (lots of Dr Appts plus two extra trips for my geology class.)

            Off-topic: I continue to closely track Putin's War in Ukraine. Wednesday night I had a 2 hour chat with a couple college classmates, including one who taught at West Point. If anyone is interested in my spin, contact me privately.

            Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)


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              Afternoon all,

              I edged and cut the grass this morning and that was the final clean up of Hurricane Ian. Sorry I missed breakfast and the smell of coffee.

              I'm taking my Babe out to an early dinner and then I'll post some A&S RR photos.

              Have a great day ya'll.



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                hey Karl did you try shimming underneath the hinge



                • k9wrangler
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                  No, mostly cursing and throwing stuff….

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                Afternoon to all.

                I was going to continue my bus wire/feeder project on the staging level when I noticed some expansion had occurred at several spots in my flex track.
                I haven't been in the train room in about 3 weeks and the expansion had occurred during this time.
                So I am now putting some expansion joints in several straight run sections of track. In my effect to achieve smooth ribbon rail like track work, I now have
                some required gaps here and there. I also modified my track fastening method to my bench work to allow for some movement of the rails within the plastic ties.
                Odd, I soldered almost every track joint for smooth continuous running and now going back to add gaps. Oh well.

                Hope everyone is well.


                GULF COAST & WESTERN


                • k9wrangler
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                  I usually soldered 3 lengths of flex then gapped for expansion, overlapped gaps a foot, one rail vs the other, or so apart to lessen kink potential. Feeder drops midway on each soldered section. Roadbed is Midwest N ga cork, left with angled cut as center. HO flex ties fit edge to edge on the N cork I ballast as a secondary line….sidings I attached track direct to base..plywood in my case. Track attached with
                  Dap Alex CLEAR caulk that allows some movement.

                  Basement layout is in has 24/7/365 dehumidification to hopefully keep seasonal variations controlled.
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                • john_holt
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                  Thanks Karl.

                  I too solder 3 lengths of flex track , then lay that section in. However I go back and solder the nine foot sections together also. Pretty much solid " ribbon rail ". I just didn't think I would have any expansion to amount to anything. It is dry here in west Texas year round so I didn't expect any problems. Cutting in some gaps now should cure my ills. I could have done a neater job during track laying but this will work.

                • k9wrangler
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                  I’ve found the longer I’m in the hobby the more frequently, but this will work…works