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Rapido STORES (not TRAINS) is a scam

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  • Rapido STORES (not TRAINS) is a scam

    Saw this this evening on the Rapido Trains website
    Rapido Customers

    It has come to our attention that a website called “Rapido Stores” has recently surfaced on the internet which claims to sell our products for extremely deep discounts. Please note that this website is a scam and not related to Rapido Trains Inc in any way.

    We are working to have the site removed but until that happens please spread the word that this is not a legitimate site.

    After reading that I searched for "Rapido Stores" and didn't see one listed as selling model railroad stuff, so maybe Rapido Trains already got the site taken down?
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    There is a faux 'Bowser' scam going on also. The other 3 of model railroaders were at a buddies work session, and 3 text messages were received by 3 different guys. All 3 had the same BS message about 'being unable to deliver a package at their zipcode. and was falsely claiming to be Bowser. SCUMBAGS out there, keep on your toes.
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