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HO scale traveling crane cable...string replacement?

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  • HO scale traveling crane cable...string replacement?

    I bought a Walthers traveling crane several years back and surprisingly it looked pretty good; but over the years the crane hook "cable" (sewing machine thread) and started to unravel and has became a dust collector (in-other-word it looks like crap). So; my question is, what is a good replacement for the cable rigging on a crane of this sort? Fishing line is braided and unravels too, nylon line is to stiff. Anyone has a good idea?
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    I've used thread in the past with no issues of unraveling. I'm not aware of any product used as cable that wasn't stiff.

    When I used thread for cable lines and in order to prevent unraveling, I dipped the end of the thread in CA (super glue). Also, about 50 years ago I built the Cutty Sark ship model by Revell. I pulled the rigging (thread) through a bar of beeswax. This kept the moisture off the thread and it was still bendable.

    Hope this helps.



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      Look at beading thread at craft stores (Michaels).

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        I use braided silk suture thread for a host of applications - what I have may be too thick for your use, but I've never found it to unravel.
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          Like Tom, I have run my thread through Beeswax first before use, and that did the trick, I've also used Berkshire Junction EZ Line HO/N Black Elastic Polymer Simulated Telephone and Electric Line, Fine .010" Diameter.

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            I second Marks answer. Use silk thread. I used it on my animated crane project many years ago. Works great.

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              Thanks for all the comments. I just ordered some Berkshire Junction EZ Line and we'll see how that works